There is one thing about Comodo Firewall Pro that truly SCARES ME!!!

I somewhere read Melih said that Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0 will not support Windows 2000 and Windows 2003???

This is the one thing what really scares me.I’m using Windows XP Professional(32-bit) system,and I’m truly scared that in the next 5 years Comodo will not support Windows XP anymore.
This really scares me,because I really love this firewall.I recommended it to anyone I know.
But honestly I’m really not ready to quit Windows XP system in the next 10 years,really.
I still have to install and learn how to use Vista after that.

Comodo’s techies are truly the best in the entire world when it comes to firewall functioning and security.
But I just hopw they will not quit Windows XP systems support too soon.
Big thanks for your answer.


(:AGL) lol lest us hope to the Melih that they dont that . but let’s see :THNK


Hi Ultra-Bot, I agree with you about using Windows XP Pro for many more years. And since about 400 million people are using Windows XP, according to Wikipedia(Windows XP - Wikipedia), I think Comodo would be really stupid to stop the XP-support. Windows XP is, so far, the best OS in my opinion, and I don’t think too many will leave it for Vista in the past years. Seeing as so many people use Windows XP, I don’t think they’ll quit supporting Windows XP in less than 5 years.


We will try to support as many platforms as possible. We already support win2k with our current firewall. The new version uses many different things available at Vista which are not available with win2k, thats all.


What about support for Windows 2003? Isn’t that based on Windows XP?

CFP V3 will support Windows 2003 eventually, I believe this will come with the XP64 release due to code commonalities. It’s Windows 2000 that can’t be supported in V3.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well, I guess that answers the very question I came here to ask.

I wanted to try CFP but was advised it is resource hungry in present Ver, but V3 was expected to improve that.

Now, with Windows 2000, I find I can’t use V3 either. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

As XP64 and Win2003 are basically the same thing, Comodo will IMO support either both or none.

Sorry about this, but Windows 2000 is a much older OS, MS will also be ending support (updates) for it soon. I would recommend upgrading to a newer OS if possible :-\

Would it be possible for you to upgrade to Windows XP?

After the v3 release, will Comodo still update v2 for the win2k users?

But what about XP 32 bits??? :-[

It goes without saying that 32 bits is the standard, and 64bits will be ADDED to version 3.

Ah so v3 WILL support XP 32 bits. big PHEW That’s what I had thought all the time and it seems too obvious as Ragwing said, but from reading this thread I got worried because I haven’t really followed the beta development in a religious way. Guess we got too much FUD lately, LOL.

Do not worry too much, Windows 2000 is still alive at this very time (sometimes even NT)…Would not be surprised to see compatibility patches once the “Vista” version is released. From what I hear, nobody is interested in Vista other than the computer illiterate but Vista ready is a must if you want to sell something today…

I hadn’t realised v3 would not be compatible with Windows 2000, but I’m much relieved that you still intend to support as many OS platforms as possible. I can’t upgrade to XP and intend to remain with Windows 2000 for the forseeable future; I’m sure there must be many others both devoted to Comodo and stuck with (or even also devoted to) Windows 2000 who, like me, desperately hope you will continue to support v2.

Many thanks, anyway.


I would also appreciate Windows 2000 support (or a “Source IP” tab in the “Application Controls” section beside the “Destination IP” tab, since this is what’s missing for me in v2).
Windows 2000 and XP a very similar and all the other manufacturers are still supporting Win2k:
AVG, Avira, Gdata, BitDefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda, Zonealarm…

Is there any “hack” or fix to get v3 running under Windows 2000? It seems like the installer just checks if you are running XP or Vista and aborts if you don’t. So far there was always a way to get “XP only” programs running – I even got Crysis running on my Win2k machine here using the “Crysis Win2k fix”.