There is no forum for comodo anti-virus for windows. Put in CIS install by mod

:embarassed: Just downloaded the latest free version, cav_installer_5964_b8.exe and it won’t run.
dialog box says “not 7z file” which is strange on a self unpacking .EXE file.
I am running it on a xp machines and comodo firewall installed fine.
I am returning to comodo as it offers a full product download, as the rest of the suppliers have switched to internet install packages only, which means you cannot install them off-line.

Also the capacha speech active-x did not work on my machine to register for this forum.

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Re: why no windows forum for anti-virus?
« Reply #1 on: Today at 07:18:39 AM »QuoteModifyRemovedownloaded the latest version (cav_installer_5951_60.exe) which now appears to be a valid archive.
Installed it on a non-internet computer with more than 512mb ram, as it would not install on anything less.
No warnings by the way on the website!.
run it for the first time and it cancells its own scan (quick, full or custom) as it cannot update its database first!
Is this not putting the cart before the horse?
You should be able to check your computer, before letting the internet downlod even more viruses. not in comodos eyes.
Is this a BUG?