There is code for Chrome OS and would be a good starting point for Comodo OS.

You developers (:NRD) at Comodo should take a look at Google code and look at the Chrome OS which would be a good starting point for the most secure OS on the market. That being the Comodo OS. You could incorporate your AV, Firewall, Dragon Browser, etc. in the OS and the rest of your products.


Unfortunately the Chrome OS codebase is designed to run solely on hardware platforms that meet Goggle’s pre-determined specs. You will not be able to buy Chrome OS to install on a run of the mill PC. It will probably be licensed directly to hardware manufacturers and you will buy a piece of hardware with Chrome OS preinstalled on it (like GOS was but more restrictive).

Nice idea, but I don’t believe it will ever happen.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Chrome OS code is available for the taking and can be developed to be used on any PC.

Thanks for the heads up. Original release notes from Google stated it was going to be developed as a hardware/software unified platform, which put me off it, so I hadn’t looked into it recently.

You’ve given me a bit of reading to catch up on.

I thank you and my wife hates you. :wink:

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Your Welcome!


Yes, Comodo OS would be great :-TU.


Err…it would be great but…i don’t know :-\ if it were to be made there would be bugs…and many other problems so…err… :-\ :-\

It wouldn’t work. Comodo would always be labeled as being copier and whats the point when there is the original ? Googles move to the OS is going to make them money… (Duh) The more people on the internet using googles services etc will be generating more money. How would Comodo make their money from making a modified clone? Also Comodo is mainly based on the desktop… Google is in the cloud.

Incorporate Comodo’s products into the OS? If you read some of the features of Chrome you’d see that they’re would be very little use even if you could get it to work like on windows. Your personal files like photos etc will be kepted on the HDD of course… but every everything else\application will be run in the cloud. As for the system integrity, Things will be run in will be sandboxed\restricted. When you reboot your pc Chrome will check it’s integrity and if anything is wrong it will fix itself. Chrome is going to be allowing plugins\addons… Maybe this is where comodo could move to - perhaps Encryption\Site Validation and maybe a WOT like add on.

Google has stated that It is not meant to replace your phone or your main PC. It is a secondary device, even though it may be the one you use most.…?s=27714484445af6027f035197ae29584e

Ewen, That even has a download link for you to try ;D I think you might wanna buy your wife a Magazine or a few, while you play. ;D

Theres my 2c 88)

Nice post. :slight_smile: Saved me from having to write a lot. :smiley: I got this after clicking the Reply button: “Warning - while you were reading a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post. Or maybe, you are now saved from posting.”


I think Comodo could do a better job of developing this OS and it would no doubt be the most secure OS. Even if not possible it was a idea to explore. Oh Well!

Kyle I would not add anything that was associated with Doggypile or Dogpile to my PC and I am talking about the WOT add on. Doggypile/Dogpile has been known as a spyware provider in the past with such things as the Doggypile or Dogpile toolbar, etc. .

I completely agree with you kyle.