There is an obvious problem with Comodo AntiVirus

After I had installed Comodo AntiVirus onto my notebook, I failed to save anything onto the SD card. The Windows just automatically closed down when I clicked “save”, and I could only cut the power supply in order to shut down the notebook. I even failed to shut it down by proper means because the whole Windows had closed down.
After I had uninstalled it, everything returned to normal. Now PC Tools AntiVirus has been installed and no any problem arises.
What is wrong with Comodo AntiVirus? Is PC Tools AntiVirus (which is recognised by the Windows security center) better than Comodo AntiVirus (which is not recognised by the Windows security center)?

hi Matthew (:WAV)

maybe it’s compatibility issue? what OS are you using?
as for the Windows security center, CAVS isn’t recognised by WSC coz it’s still in BETA phase.
i think you should stick with another stable AV (like PCtools AV) for awhile and wait for the next CAVS 3.0. :Beer

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I installed the 1.x product on my laptop, which seemed to work fine at first. I turned on my laptop the next day, and everything was fine … at first. I left to get something to eat, and when I returned, m laptop had mysteriously turned off. I then turned it back on, only to discover to my horror the dreaded “hal.dll” problem mentioned in other posts.

Well, not able to access the drive (i have no hardware tools to do so), i obtained another drive and reinstalled os and programs. I then installed the caqv 2.x beta, thinking that hey, comodo has probably figured out the problems. Well, it installed fine, didn’t crash my system, but lo and behold, I could not open most of my installed programs.

Once I uninstalled CAV, i am able to open all my other installed programs.

When I sent a trouble ticket to the support desk, I received an e-mail saying that the only way I could inform comodo about the problem was to post on a chat forum at comodo.

Comodo, you have a great firewall product, but your av product stinks.

Furthermore, your beta implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

I recommend that you stabilize earlier versions of the product - get them working correctly - before you release newer versions, much less beta releases.

I’m sorry, but I have to give you 2 thumbs down on this one … :frowning:

the latest CAVS is CAVS 2.0 ===> still BETA. quite stable, got few minor bugs.
welcome sandres (:WAV)

I have to agree with the sentiments about stablizing curent non-beta version and then leaving them available for non-technically inclined users or people who can’t afford the problems and wasted tiem that goes along with BETA TESTING ANY software, regardless of how good it is written. It is humanly impossible to anticipate every possible interaction with other software, especially when the other software is being changed constantly.

I’ve wasted several hours trying to resolve a WINDOWS UPDATE install problem before being refered to the FORUM! I’malmost disgusted enough to remove CAVS and install a non-beta version of someone else’s antivisus software.

Also, I agree that CAVS has a poor memory. It re[peatedly asks the same question over the same files and that is how I got my problem with the Windows Update instller, because I have the same file listed as both blocked and allowed. That is something that needs to be changed. IF I list a particular file, especially exe files as blocked and then change it to ALLOW, the program should change the listing everywhere in CAVS’s lists, provided that IO tell CAVS to remember the action. Also, once I tell it to remember a particular action, especially an ALLOW action, it should NOT keep asking me what I want to do.