there is a problem with one of the url's on Comdo Ice Dragon

Comodo Ice dragon won’t let me get to a url but it works fine in internet explorer. Please discover why this is happening and please get if fixed for me. Here is the url that isn’t working and is malfunctioning. I did everything I tried clearing the cookies, cache and browsing history but it’s not working at all. And here’s the exact error message that comes up. Again here is the URL.

The URL “” is not valid.

I think the following URL is the one giving Sal grief, but it is working fine here.

That one is working here in Opera (Presto).

Sal, try flushing DNS cache and restarting your browser.

I had this same issue with my company’s intranet through Comodo Dragon. I unchecked the option “Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)” in Advanced Settings and the url began working.