when will there be some themes for version 3?

Hi Hyatt69, these threads should get you on your way. One appears to contain a theme already that you can view and then download as long as your logged in.

As far as themes coming straight from Comodo and the developers themselves, I’m afraid we may be waiting awhile as they seem swamped right now with everything else that Comodo is trying to do. Skinning is available by each user it seems if they wish to edit that particular file.


thanks ill try that theme but would be nice if we could install them through comodo so when we update they are not gone,but o well i try it

I’m not 100% sure they would completely disappear with an update of version 3, especially if they are just installed over the top.

In any case, even if you did lose the theme with an update wouldn’t it be just as simple as saving the theme somewhere, then with an update just going in and replacing the file?

Just a thought, I’m by no means an expert at this.


Devs will create some new tools (probably in v3.1?) for language translation and skinning. I’m guessing early next year.

Hey guys. I got back to COMODO again (:WAV) I installed it just for fun and it seems the internet loss problem has been fixed ! (:CLP)

Now I read that we can change themes in CIS and use the msstyles. How can I do that ? Cos the default skin really doesn’t match my desktop (:SAD)

I tried replacing the cfp theme file with my msstyle but after that it looked ugly.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Nice desktop but what skin did you use…
Thanx… :slight_smile:

Excuse me Soya :-[ I see you have deleted your post :frowning: Do you mind posting on how you rename MS Styles to Theme files again ? ???
I mean, how do you create COMODO themes ? 88) Cos I can get glass borders, by deleting the default cfp.theme, but the layout gets all messed up :-\

I think Soya has left…last time he posted was in October 11, 2008… 88) He was last active on Dec. 11, 08.

He was active 10 minutes ago junior :wink: In fact he active now again. I would PM him, but I can’t cos he’s so smart and chose a really neat nickname >:-D

Happy B-day BTW “Soya” ;D

:heart: 88)


Is this website forgoten or what ? 88)

Maybe you should’ve joined the usability team (:NRD) ;D

I did. But I’m still wondering if this project is dead or not ? 88)