Themes, Keyboard Shortcuts -- Didn't make the 3.5 cut?

Okay, I updated my CFP v3 to CIS v3.5 and installed only the Firewall.

With this release, I see there is a .theme file for the main them, but not alternatives. I renamed the .theme file, and got the UI to come up in my normal Windows theme. Nice! But, after I restarted, it magically recapitulated the .theme file, and loaded it back to the boring blue theme.

How do I (a) get more themes, or (b) get it to permanently not use a theme?

Keyboard Shortcuts on Alerts
Okay, this was an issue that has tons of interest, and was discussed on the wish-list last summer. Now, 3.5 is out, and there are STILL no keyboard shortcuts on the alerts (or I haven’t figured out how to enable them yet).

Did keyboard shortcuts really get the shaft again? The argument that it could somehow be used to automate the alerts by malware is bunk. You can automate the alerts by injecting mouse events, too. So there’s no protection by omitting keyboard shortcuts.

And, finally, if I may make a suggestion, please update the alerts to NOT remember the “Remember my decision” checkbox state, but instead always pop the alert with that checkbox cleared. It should come up unchecked each time an alert pops up. By leaving it checked, you risk not noticing that you’re not allowing a connection just once, but instead may persist access by accident because you have previously “remembered” a decision for a different app.

Is there a new Wish-List topic coming?


So no one cares enough to comment? Hello?

I care, but don’t have much to say except: “This bites.” C’mon, this is a power-user’s tool (although friendly, too), what’s with all the mostly-mouse-oriented features?

good hint to delete the theme file! thanks. try to delete it from the repair folder, too. does this help? although the “no theme” doesn’t look perfectly windows-like, i prefere it over the default one!


You can use any visual style (.msstyles) downloaded from the internet, just rename it to .theme and put it in the Themes folder! Then select it from Miscellaneous → Settings → Themes. :slight_smile: