Theme in various colors ...

I got a request from Hastr to serve up the theme in different colors (rainbow colors) aside from the blue and black, so I banged something together …

As usual a mod (Soya ?) can move it to the already assigned themes sticky IF they deem it worthwhile …

Zip file attached with 6 colors … :wink:

[attachment deleted by admin]

mindlessmissy thanks for your excellent work. Soya is retired. Let’s see if some mod can post them on the sticky thread of themes.

mindlessmissy - Nice work! I still miss the color scheme of version 3.

Nice work, Appreciate it! thanks

Thanks for these.

Would it be possible for someone to compile a list (including screenshots) of all themes available? I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Is there a downside to Comodo included some of these themes in the standard install file? Or are they hesitant because further rework of the GUI is yet to come later in the year?

I added your to the sticky, as attachment

Thank you for the many colorful theme choices!


Thanks :-TU

Thank you very much! Excellent! :-TU

Super! Now I will be even more happy with my CIS ))

Nice, I use antiXero red normal as skin for Comodo…and boys and grils…that looks sweet and cool and awesome and great and … :slight_smile:

Thank you for this nice work! :-TU

It is weird how the “traffic” gets blanked out for a while after changes themes, as can be seen above. I noticed this on my PC this morning.