The Xist's!

To exist, an existent (an entity that exists) must have a particular identity. A thing cannot exist without existing as something, :o otherwise it would be nothing and it would not exist. :o In the statement "something exists", the something refers to the axiom of identity and the exists refers to the axiom of existence. They cannot be separated and are like two sides of the same coin or two ways of understanding the same axiom. Therefore we must be here 3xist! ;D Hence My Avatar Line "3xist is better than not 3xist" 8)

Existence is better than NOT existence!

Hi Guys,

“3xist is better than not 3xist” is related to EXISTENCE. So Existence is better then not Existence.

Anyone want to change their names to 4xist, 5xist, 6xist, 7xist, 8xist, 9xist, 10xist, etc? :smiley:

Let’s see how many we can get… I’ll be WATCHING.

To change your name (For those who don’t know):

Profile>Account Related Settings & Change it there. Type you’re pass word then your in!

Your original name (One you registered with) you log in with still.


I thought I should be number one (:SHY)


Keep going guys!

Keep 1xist Rag!


I took number 13 instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Therefore, 13xist=I Exist :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry. Here I am going into your profile LOL

Good point!


I wonder if Soya will join?

This is gonna be great! :BNC :BNC :BNC

I hope alot off people join… This Forum will be filled with alot off Xist’s! :BNC


Does this count?

Yep. As long as it’s a number and xist, All good.


hey I too exist ;D

No. Remember we got slapped by Ewen for fooling around with name changing 88).

Do you mean this? ;D
Anyways, I don’t like to exist, so I am no more.

None other.

Well due to these responses, I don’t want anyone else existing besides me so this thread is now closed.