The WhiteHat Aviator Web Browser

Hello guys,

These days I discovered WhiteHat Aviator Browser, has anyone ever used it and would like to share the experience about it?

Official site: Synopsys Software Security | Software Integrity Group

Well, sounds interesting, but as it’s “closed source”, we’ll never see a reliable audit on this software.
You’ll either have to “fully trust” this company (now that’d be a bit early) or pass on it.

Kind regards, REBOL.

I’m testing here and found this information on the website:

What makes WhiteHat Aviator so secure?

WhiteHat Aviator; is built on Chromium, the same open-source foundation used by Google Chrome. Chromium has several unique, powerful security features. One is a “sandbox” that prevents websites from stealing files off your computer or infecting it with viruses.

As good as Chromium is, we went much further to create the safest online experience possible.

WhiteHat Aviator comes ready-to-go with hardened security and privacy settings, giving hackers less to work with. And our browser downloads to you – without any hidden user-tracking functionality. Our default search engine is DuckDuckGo – not Google, which logs your activity. For good measure, Aviator integrates Disconnect – a crucial extension that blocks advertisements and much of the privacy-destroying tracking used across the Internet.

WhiteHat Aviator is the only browser that is immediately ready and preconfigured with activated defenses against the most dangerous hacker attacks using technology that blocks unwanted ads, pop-ups, and spyware.

How does WhiteHat Aviator protect my online privacy?

If you carefully avoid providing any personal data to any website, it is technically possible to stop anyone from profiling you. But what sounds easy in theory is difficult in practice.

Without WhiteHat Aviator, you’d need to install special add-on software, update a dozen or more hidden browser preferences, periodically clear out your cookies (including stubborn Adobe Flash cookies), opt out of online tracking at dozens of different locations, remember to activate “private browsing mode,” and so on. Keeping this regimen going is nearly impossible and prone to errors unless you are very tech-savvy.

WhiteHat Aviator makes it easy. We protect your privacy by launching directly into private browsing mode, blocking ads and other tracking mechanisms, disallowing third-party cookies, and cleaning your system when you exit. There is no need to constantly make it your mission to keep from being invisibly tracked and spied on. Of course, sometimes it’s legitimately helpful for you to provide a site with personal information in exchange for accessing a website, receiving a discount, or getting some information. We believe you deserve the freedom of privacy and choice, rather than having the decision made for you in secret. With WhiteHat Aviator, you have the choice.

The preset settings provide a good level compared to the standard stipulated in versions of Chrome.
I’ll see how it behaves, and if there is any strange behavior or connection while I browse.

I think Comodo Dragon could be delivered with pre-defined settings to harden the issues surrounding privacy.

Looks very nice jhkmaster, I’m going to install it to see how it is and give feedback.
thanks :wink:



The disconnect extension is not working fine or it allows too many things.
better to use others extensions for privacy.

It has too many bugs, sometimes it allows a page without any restrictions and sometimes not, on the same page.

And when you want to enable or disable plugins, it doesnt work, you have to refresh the page to see that it’s enable or disable.

sometimes when you quit, you have the message to ask if you really want to quit and sometimes not.

I stop the test for the moment, it doesn’t work good enough for me.