The WGATray mystery

As I, for some reasons, reinstalled Windows XP yesterday - the automatic updates (around 80) were then properly installed. Not WGATray.exe though, it’s not present in its usual folder (Windows\System32). I ran MS Update again, still I don’t get the WGATray (which I’m not sad about), and no errors or problems!


Pure luck or MS has removed it (don’t think so!)


We need to get Kevin to define it as malware and get BOClean to kill it… ;D

LOL, put it up on the wish list :smiley:


That would be awesome ;D

Lol, good idea ;D
I prevented WGAtray.exe from loading at start-up, but it will be better when CPF 3 is released, then I can actually prevent it from loading at all ;D
I hate Microsoft’s WGA-stuff, because I found my XP PRO-CD in a recyle bin :wink:


Oh, my, you probably shouldn’t have said that (so I crossed it out to help protect you…) (:KWL).

Now the MS spies that lurq the forums will be tracking you down, along with the ones in the corner coffeeshops with their wireless “authentication sniffer devices” to identify users that did not purchase an appropriate OS from an appropriate vendor in an appropriate fashion. I hear they go after laptops with Linux, too, claiming that open-source software is an infringement of copyright.


Thanks LM :wink:
And don’t worry, they’ll never find my when I use my IP, let them try to track it down ;D
Also I’d share a good way to use recyle bin-version of Windows XP with Windows Updates, but now this is a secuirty forum, and not a forum where we do illegal stuff ;D
Also, I bet Microsoft will get really mad if we detect WGAtray.exe lol…
How about adding it to the defination file of 1st April 2008? ;D


If CFP 3 doesn’t certify WGA and add it to the safelist database, then maybe the newbies will be angry and think CFP is not properly installed in their system if the Windows Security Center doesn’t recognize it back. It’s called reciprocal love ;D

Please please don’t certify WGA ■■■■ >:(

It’s bad enough that M$ lies about it (critical security update, your computer may be at risk until you install - BS, the only thing at risk is their profit margin) I don’t want to see comodo validating that lie.

Besides, it you do have a pirated version you
a) already know
b) have been ripped off, and don’t want to know.

If it must be certified for the newbs, at least give us the ability to decide what is whitelisted, ie edit the whitelist.

No blocky WGA, no usey CPF3 :frowning:

If it must be certified for the newbs, at least give us the ability to decide what is whitelisted, ie edit the whitelist.
Even if you can't edit the safelist, a user's custom rules should over-rule the safelist (ie, take priority). So when v3 puts a rule in to auto-allow WGA, the user can just go in and edit it to their heart's content.


WGA isn’t really a big deal in my opinion, it isn’t hard to fool WGA, and in my opinion it is a useless program developed by MS. I personally don’t mind WGA “validating” 88) my copy of Windows XP/Vista every so often but I can definitely see why others would…

I don’t mind either, it’s OK to validate when the system is newly installed, and perhaps also when updating. But validating every time the system starts… annoying philosophy in my opinion. The WGATray is still gone from my system, after numerous of reinstalls, it just won’t come back! (:HUG)


Any ideas on how to get it off Vista ;D

Better to get the whole Vista off!


Thanks Soya :slight_smile:

Vista is running so well though now plus eventually I will have to switch to it anyways…

That’s great to hear Justin, I’ve heard - more or less - only negative opinions about Vista in terms of bugs, resource usage and hardware compatibility. I guess I have to chose it eventually as well… unless (Homer Simpson) I get out of my Mac closet. :slight_smile:

I wonder which other experiences there are from WGATray, if anyone else than me has found it to be completely gone.


Technically, it’s still on all of our computers right now in one shape or form, but most of us here just don’t realize it…