The virus signature database is NOT up-to-date

using Comodo Internet Security premium 6.1.275152.2801 on Windows XP on two computers, at least one’s per two days I am getting info “The virus signature database is NOT up-to-date.” When this happens I open Comodo and click on “Fix it!” button and then new virus definitions are downloaded and installed. Problem solved.

But I would like Comodo to do this automatically without manual intervention.

I have also checked Advanced Tasks | Open Advanced Settings | Updates and I have the following settings:

How to set Comodo to automatically download and install virus definitions?

Since you have the option enabled to check for database updates every six hours, it should automatically download and install the latest virus definitions.

When are you seeing this message? Is it when you turn on your computer? Because it will not download a database update immediately after boot. This is to ensure the database update will not slow down the OS loading.