The virus database does not get updated.

I have the Comodo Internet Security 3.10.102363.531 installed on this computer. This computer tends to be online for most hours of the day. However, noticed that the the virus database does not get updated–it always displays the “Never Updated” status.

On attempting to update the database–it displays progress upto 30% and stops. At other times it displays this message “You need to restart your computer for the signature updates to take effect” with “Done” on the title bar. However, restarting the computer returns the virus database status back to the “Never Updated” status.


  • This does not occur with the other computers that have the earlier CIS versions installed.
  • I connect to the internet with a ‘Limited User’ account.

What could be causing this issue?


Hi CJ,

There is a GUI Bug in this case, after the first update it still states that it “Never updated” but you did only you have to run “check for updates” again to get the latest version, normally that should work, but it can take some time depending on your internet connection speed and cpu power.

See also the FAQ for more details: