The Unrecognized Potential of Task Managers

Perhaps one of the most powerful applications ever made in the history of desktop computing is the task manager. And yet, it is the most unrecognized application. In my opinion, the task manager has a huge potential to become the next greatest security software. :P0l

I mean, come on. It can manipulate other programs to its whim, detect all processes running (not the windows task manager. other task managers), the modules being used, the location of the file. It knows just about every single resident in your system! With such powerful capacities, I think the task manager will make for a great security product. With a few more tweaks and improvements, not only will it help protect you, it will educate you. it just needs a few more things before coming to this level.

Sadly though, I realize that this must be extremely hard to do. Sure there are others who tried it (I especially favor chameleon task manager. Its features include: Security control
Checking program files for modifications and notifications about new programs

Task configurations management
Any number of configurations can be created and loaded if necessary

Controlling CPU usage
It is possible to notify about CPU usage, reduce the priority, and close or restart any program

Controlling memory usage
It is possible to notify about memory usage, optimize RAM, and close or restart any program

Adaptive memory management
Memory manager automatically determines the minimum amount of RAM necessary for each program

Controlling hard drive usage
It is possible to notify about hard drive usage, reduce the priority, and close or restart any program

Controlling frozen programs
It is possible to notify frozen programs, and close or restart any program

Forbid or allow certain programs to be started only on certain days

Synchronizing programs with other programs
It is possible to start/close an additional program when another program is started/closed

Setting the priority automatically (inc Processor Affinity)
It includes automatically lowered I/O and memory priority in Windows Vista/7

Keeping programs running
Once a program is closed, it will be restarted

Notifications about events in the screen corner
It is possible to control and change the settings

Controlling programs via the standard menu of the program title bar
Just right-click the title bar to change the priority, restart the program, etc

Displaying additional information about every program
You can view the resources of the program (icons, texts, etc), loaded libraries, files, and performance information, etc. Amazing isn’t it? The problem is, it isn’t free so I use Advanced Task Manager instead :P)

but with so few being successful, it is hard to think that it will be anytime today. I posted it in the list of programs I’d want comodo to develop. No one liked the idea so I guess that’s part of the reason why very few makes this kind of security/maintenance software. :frowning:

!ot! Yes, I am obsessed with the task manager. ;D

Which manager do you think is better Process explorer or advanced task manager?

The best, IMO:


I think advanced task manager is better. it has a quarantine option, uninstall, files in use, google the unknown process, a description of the behavior of the processes, detection of hidden services, and even the drivers are listed. O0

Oh yes, I love antifreeze. Actually using it right now. :smiley: But it’s not a replacement for the windows task manager per se. Its value is more significant during times the system hangs due to a rogue app. It’s very good and sits quietly in the tray.

Anvir. Well, yes. I do like anvir. It’s just that it has too many functions I don’t really need at the moment. Maybe if I acquire a laptop for myself :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe if I can get it free. lol. ;D

Process Explorer replaces task manager for me.
Process Tamer could modify priorities.

Ditto. :-TU

Tried process lasso? They’ve got a free version. The trim memory can be helpful sometimes and it allows you to govern processes via rules. O0

Yes, I’ve tried. Some say it could really change priorities, other say this is a myth. I couldn’t get a final verdict. Right now I’m not using it.

Well, I don’t know what happened to the guys saying it is a myth, but i did use it until i made a fresh install of my os again (i plan to run on basic computing mode so there’s no use for memory management). It did wonders to my system so I really can’t say anything bad. :wink:

To me this is the most important part

If you know every process running on your computer than you can manually check to see if the process is malicious.

I’ve mentioned before that I would like to see CCS be this powerful.

There is a completely free version.Some options disabled, but still great software.:slight_smile:

Really? I’ll give it a shot. :smiley: