the tray icon colors...What means exactly?

(Sorry by my very poor english)
The help of the program says the red arrows are INCOMING data and green arrows OUTGOING data. But, in fact, when the upload traffic in my PC is bigger, bigger is the number of red arrows and when my download traffic is bigger, the bigger is the number of green arrows.
In ZA (bad software…but i used this for tester their tray icon), the guide says the red column is OUTGOING traffic and green column INCOMING traffic, and that is ok)
I don´t understand this thing. It´s a tutorial´s bug?

It doesn’t mean a thing. Its just a traffic ticker. I have mine unchecked cause I dont care for it. Its under Miscellaneous\ Settings.

Thanks for you quick answer.
Mmmm…Ok, I already knew the option to deactivate icon´s animations. But this not solve my question. I need to know if it´s a bug or a problem of my poor ignorance…

One good way to find out is do a complete uninstall and reinstall. But I have Comodo on my laptop and desktop and when I enable traffic animation I get the same results as you. Like I said it means nothing to me anyways. Just flashing lights. I actually didn’t like how you could not disable that in ZA.

…To be honest, I would like even an option to remove the icon from the taskbar. I don´t like the permanent icons.
The main seems to be that this is, indeed, a strange and silly bug in the program…

Don’t you want to know that its running? ???

Thank you. I have only 3 things in my systray at boot up. NOD32,SuperAntiSPyware Pro and Comodo. When all 3 are there I am ready to roll.

It´s difficult, above all, to ignore the presence of a firewall…I.E., defense+ popups!
In general, those who work full time, day after day, in the same computer, noticed quickly when everything is in place and when not…You don´t need many icons…