The top 25 most dangerous programming errors

I read that on sans homepage, defiantly a list that some if not all programmers should take a look at and see what of those things they need to think about when coding in their particular language. :-TU

Security is especially A concern for the web these days with all hobby coders that forget to check for mysql injections, store password plain text in a non protected folder, crosssite scripting, short passwords on admin accs.
Being on ozzu web forum I have several times noticed how many of the pages that ask for a review includes big security holes, so often that I no longer care to point them out. :-\

#1: Programming in C or C++ Language

The basic website problem, much like the basic programming problem, is the use of website tools that fail to protect against human error. It’s a bit like driving on a road with unlicensed drivers and few traffic signals or signs.