The system will not boot after the restart.

Antivirus here this file advapi32.dll
(location: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ advapi32.dll), and identified it as a virus.
User dialog message antivirus agreed to delete this file after you restart the computer does not boot. This event happened at 2 computers.
The restoration work was carried out by copying the file from the operating system.

COMODO Antivirus produces a lot of False Positives at this moment. But COMODO team is hard at work at improving it’s antivirus engine and heuristics. :-TU
Please be very careful about COMODO Antivirus detections and before you agree to delete a flagged file, better upload it to Virus Total to see if it’s really malicious.

Thank you

Could you please post a False Positive report Here please.
Please follow the instructions in this post
Thank you

Unfortunately, this might not be a false positive.

Definetly an FP :-\

Hi Guys,
Sorry for informing late,
this has been fixed in previous updates.
Following URL shows that its no longer detected by CIS:

here SHA1 mentioned in url is same as was reported in
which showed comodo alone detecting it.