The strange function of Media Player Classic

What is the strange “Dub” 's function in Open File dialog box (Media Player Classic–>File menu–>Open File…)?

Is it “dubbing” feature?

I don’t use MPC, but I believe that’s the case. If you, for example, have a movie in Spanish (without sub), I suppose that you can specify an audio file with the English dub, and it will be used instead of the original audio stream.

But, is there any media that I must play it with this function?

DVD, VCD, or in what media?

To the user of MPC, please share your opinion in this thread …

It should work fine with any video file supported by MPC. What MPC does is to disable the sound in the movie, and use the sound from the external audio file (dub) instead.

What’s the dub extension?

Ragwing, have you tried the dub feature?

I would imagine that is only used for media files (AVI, MPG, M2TS, etc), rather than any physical media (DVD, VCD, etc). IMHO it would be insanely difficult to dub a DVD/VCD directly.

Many audio formats… try it.

Hi kail, have you tried using dub feature?

I’ve done like your opinion by opening my DAT file and dubbing it by opening my MP3 file

and the result is : MPC played only my DAT file and didn’t play my MP3 file

No, I haven’t. I would usually sort out any issues like this before I tried playing something in MPC.

However, I suspect that you cannot give MPC any old audio file to dub… the audio file would need to be of correct length & synchronised (I doubt this can be done automatically).


Load a video file in Open box.
Load an other audio file in Dub box.

Then in player select Play > Audio > then choose the alternate Audio stream.
In player select Play > Filters > Audio Switcher > same place as above select the Audio you want to hear.


It works!

Thanks Bad!

BTW, do the users often use this feature?

i prefer subtitles

BTW, do the users often use this feature?

I doubt it.
How often do you watch a video when you want to listen to some other audio track.