The size of your boot prefetch files?

I thought it could be interesting to compare the sizes of Layout.ini and located in %WinDir%\Prefetch

This should reflect how bloated your system is. (:TNG)

So here we go:

Layout.ini - 44 KB - 261 KB

I have Windows XP SP3 by the way.

Layout.ini is 174kB is 858kB

As I tend to try a lot of software, every so often I delete and overwrite Layout.ini with a bare ini file kept in a nearby folder that has only the top line (or so) in it.

Are you in the crazy mood again? ;D

Those 2 files are tricky. They’re more specifically based on the # of files that have been accessed/opened since boot-time and the last time they were created/modified. Some other unexplainable factors are involved. For example, every time I recreate them using my script, the sizes vary, sometimes in great numbers.

Thx for sharing giraffe.

Yep, it’s been a while since we had a proper crazy system thread. :slight_smile:

I think it’s better to use Task Scheduler, clean the system, reboot and leave it idle for 15 minutes. This will make the files smaller I think. Else they’ll get bloated by history etc. if using your script (at least that’s what I’ve observed).

Have you learned nothing from my 5-message course?

del /q C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\*
sc start schedule
"C:\WINDOWS\system32\Rundll32.exe" advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

Run it multiple times until those 2 files are recreated.

Have you learned nothing from my last post? (:TNG)

Using that line will add unnecessary stuff in the file. For example, unless I can remember the line (which I can’t :-[), I’ll have to copy and paste from a .txt document. The path of this document will then be included in Layout.ini, making it bloated. I’ve found out by studying the .ini file that it seems to be the smallest if you use the clean-reboot-15-minutes method.

Sometimes it can take 20 minutes, depending on your hardware specs and whether it’s Windows is grumpy or not 88). During that time, I can reboot my PC 17 times 88).

btw, here are mine 88)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Luckily, never more than 15 minutes in my case.

That’s a nice size for the .pf file, slightly smaller than mine, but I wonder why the .ini file is larger. Maybe you should try the clean-reboot-15-minutes-idle method. :slight_smile:

After using the “C:\WINDOWS\system32\Rundll32.exe” advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks command, I never looked back 88)

How I really slimmed down the boot-time defrag with Puran. After I ran my script, it inflated to around the size you see now. Remember? My record of that file size at its lowest was either 78 or 87 KB :-TU

Layout.ini 1055 KB 2195 KB

Running vista…
What are those files for? :o :o
safe to remove some lines?
… =)

If you remove them, you’ll either have to wait several minutes while the PC is idle to recreate them. They determine your boot time and file layout that are loaded.

hehe several minutes, I think I leave them alone then.

My system starts fast enough for me anyway. (:LOV)

How fast? :THNK

So at first you were killing megabytes and now you are fighting for kilobytes ? ;D L.A. you will have a hard time moving on from Win XP :slight_smile:

I think Commodus is too ashamed to show off his file sizes (:TNG).

Is this it ? ??? 88)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Pffft. Anyone can remove them, but that doesn’t count 88)

I didn’t do anything. :a0 I’m just asking if this the right folder ? 88) It’s not my fault if it shows 0

You either misconfigured vLite or have a really ■■■■■■ tweak program to remove them.

I only use CCleaner :slight_smile: My vLite config is fine. The PC works fine, so what should I do ? ;D