the size of bases.cav downloaded from the website is very big

I downloaded the database file in the website.

I checked the size of the file.

It was 212.1MB ???

Is this for version 5.8 ?

It is that big.

The 5.8 version is smaller but still around 84MB

and CCE for manual installation

look at the link, it is pointing to the av sigs for version 5.1, not 5.8. You can change it to point to the right one, if you click this link it will give you the right file.

But the Bases.cav. wtih 212 MB works too (?)

When will the website update the database to version 5.8?


I also downloaded this “big” file (on dialup) after placing it in the folder and re starting it still asked to update, went and did the regular update and the base file in the folder ended up being 101mg, it must have over written the 217mg one.

There are now 2 download area’s available on that page since today, one for 5.8 and above and one for older versions, too bad it wasn’t like that yesterday, smirks. I also see that the 212mg one doesn’t work with 5.8, so I spent 16 hrs downloading for the fun of it. but somehow after the last CIS update it did update the AV base a bit quicker even with the 212mg base file, it just got changed/overwritten during the updating, even though it didn’t take that long, so it must have used some of what was in the 212mg base to update.

but I have tested in CCE now, for another Windows 32bit with USB