The security suite, the only option?

I used to use comodo back in the days when the antivirus component was just about to be deployed. I was happy with the firewall aside from a few bugs (which i’m sure would be fixed by now) due to which i went back to ol’ sygate again. but after i saw adobe_updater.exe (or whatever its named) freely downloading stuff even though i listed it as blocked in sygate a few days back, i’ve decided to finally move on to some current software.

After trying out a lot of free firewall solutions out there, when i came to the download page after i saw it mentioned at so many places (its become quite famous, congrats comodo!), i saw that the AV and firewall have been bundled up into one security suite and the file to download stood at 75mb! I’m not saying that individual component installation isn’t possible but it just gives comodo the appearance of bloatware.

There is no choice to download either the firewall or the antivirus or the suite as is usual with other vendors (although most are paid, so thanks for that comodo ;)).

It would be quite appealing to many (myself included) if comodo segregated the software.

PS: I’m currently writing this post with a slide up on my screen from outpost firewall about ‘latest news’… >:(

you have to download the whole package but you’ll be able to choose which component(s) (AV,Firewall,HIPS) you want to install. there are some topic discussing about this.

Comodo is anything but bloated, yes the installer’s quite big (75MB) but it’s very light on system resource.

@web ganda

well i installed it just now, and when i started the comp comodo’s icon doesn’t even show up untill i access comodo from start menu or desktop! i’ve restarted four times and the same behavior. even avira’s tray icon takes quite a lot of time to show up after i’ve installed comodo.

PS: lol at least they fixed this issue finally!;msg164618#msg164618

Hi StarryKnight.

Did you have a security package installed before you installed CIS?

Nope just avira premium is installed…

Exactly! If you chose to include Comodo Antivirus in your installation of CIS, you should first have uninstalled Avira. You must not have two real-time antivirus scanners installed at the same time. The conflict between the two is the reason you are having problems.

Did i say anywhere that i installed all the components of comodo?? In fact the topic of the thread is also about the lack of separate components available for download. And lastly, I am wise enough not to install two real time scanners. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I have moved to Online Armor free. Totally unobtrusive HIPS and a great firewall.

Good riddance comodo.


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