the second boot can not start after installing Comodo Firewall Pro

After installing Comodo Firewall Pro, the second boot of my dual boot can not start.

I am having the same problem, and cannot find an answer anywhere. Did you ever resolve this issue?


As many people do multiple boots these days, a problem like you describe should garner some attention from the people who run a forum dedicated to their product.

I came here looking for confirmation that Comodo is as good as some reviewers say.

The lack of attention to your problem is troubling, to say the least.


i have no dualboot on lappy (which isnot really true, i have traces) , what seems might plausible, is allow outbound connections while boot.

but well, dual boot uses just nt bootload files, there dont grab a firewall?

what 2 os are dualboot?


PS: did ya check boot.ini?


Sorry no one has responded with a solution to your problem. We (volunteer Moderators) try to respond to each issue within 24 hours. However, sometimes the post-lists don’t update properly, and posts slip thru the cracks.

We definitely need more information, to include:

OS on both aspects of the dual-boot.
Other active security applications on both OS (AV, AS, HIPS, registry protection, etc).
Installation information (did you install CFP in SafeMode)

When you say it won’t dual-boot, please elaborate as to what occurs. What do you normally see on your system (bootloader screen, etc) and what have you seen since installing CFP?

Were there any other changes to hardware/software/etc at or around the same time?



PS: Many users, myself included, have CFP on dual-boot systems and experience no problems, so your scenario is not the norm. We’ll do everything we can to help you work through it.

PPS: And welcome to the forums, although it’s not in the best of situations!

I can provide more information about my system.
I have Windows XP Pro on one partition and Suse Linux 10.1 on another. When I boot my desktop, the grub loader brings up a screen that allows me to choose between the two operating systems.

After loading Comodo firewall and BOClean, the operating system selection screen does not appear and my computer defaults to loading windows XP.

I also have Avira AntiVir personal edition classic running. This has been on my computer for over a year and has never interfered with booting.
Let me know what other information I can provide to help solve this problem.

It sounds like you’re using XP’s boot manager, ie getting to the 2nd OS vis XP’s boot.ini, thus XP starts, COMODO starts. If you load GRUB to the MBR you will be able to select your OS options prior to either of them starting.

Geez! For all the hype on the Comodo page about BOClean, you’d think the program cost a lot of money.

But judyblue, if you lost your Grub boot screen after installing BOCLean, it would seem pretty clear that BOClean decided, (without giving you a chance for input) that Grub was malware and killed it.

I think we need some response from a BOClean developer about this. BOClean looks like a program with lots of potential, but ONLY if it plays nice with Linux. My dual-booting, (triple booting, quad booting) is all about Linux, and I set up dual boot machines for novice Linuxers regularly. Lots of people look to me to make their Windows boxes secure, and I could see BOClean as important adjunct in this day of rampant Trojans and the like.

What say ye, BOClean developer?

I don’t think judyblue is using GRUB or GRLDR. Although GRLDR would be a good option. It works for me with COMODO’s fw. Don’t know about BOClean, don’t use it.

I have both CFP and BOC on a dual-boot system with XP and Linux (using GRUB) and have never had any problems. Given the MBR being isolated, it doesn’t seem very likely (to me) that BOC would have tagged the bootloader as malware. Plus, anything it does tag, it gives the user a popup to say it shut it down and prompts the user to allow removal. It does not remove without permission. It would not have (as best I know) killed it outside of Windows running. I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time…).

Some questions:

  1. Did you install CFP and BOC in SafeMode (to minimize potential conflicts)?
  2. Did you install them separately (rebooting normally in between to ensure smooth operations)?
  3. What is your normal bootloader?


If I may resurrect the thread…

CFP newbie here. I have a XP/Vista (32bit) dual boot system. I have the system where the Vista Boot Manager comes up and asks if you want the ‘Earlier version of Windows’ or ‘Microsoft Windows’ (Vista).

I haven’t booted into Vista for months, and not sure if I will ever actually use the thing as my ‘default’ OS, but am keen to have a better firewall on it and want to try out CFP. On XP I have another firewall (let’s call it “ZA Pro”). I want to start playing about with Vista (yeah yeah, I know…), but would like a good firewall to be one of the first things running on it.

What I’d like to know is: will putting CFP on the Vista partition (same physical disk, BTW) do anything to the boot process, or with my existing firewall on XP, for that matter.


Welcome, chodai ~

As far as I know, you should not have any issues with installing CFP on Vista. It should not impact the functionality of the firewall on XP (let’s call it ZA Pro… :wink: ), whether 3rd party or WinXP firewall…

The only thing is, CFP v2.4 is not Vista-compatible. For Vista compatibility, you will need to install CFP v3. You might check the “Help for v3” threads regarding any reported dual-boot issues.


Thanks Little Mac! :slight_smile:

Useful info - yes, V3. I did a search for dual booting and came up with this thread, jumped on, and completely forgot that little issue of V2 and Vista!!

Might pose same question in V3 threads, but basically, very little chance of there being some ‘issue’, yeah?

I’m not aware of any… If you didn’t find any in v3 threads, then I would guess they haven’t been reported (if they exist).


Thanks once again. Had a good look on the V3 help threads, but no XP/Vista dual boot scenarios mentioned there as yet. I have seen some boot issues reported (in installs for Vista), and it does make me nervous considering the particular set-up I have. I had some boot ‘issues’ last year that had the wife bemoaning my “fiddling” for days as I tried to fix them, so I don’t need more boot time woes! :-\

The boot issues you found, were they resolved, or explanations given as to what caused them? If so, does that provide you with information you need to prevent possible problems?