The scanner [RESOLVED]

Not a problem here, just curious. The scanner that is offered to check your system when installing version 3, what is that exactly? Is that the same scanner as the free Comodo anti-virus or something different? Thank you.


No its not the same as CAV. Its a stand alone on demand scanner used mainly when you first install Comodo to make sure your pc is clean. if your pc is 100% clean you can ignore it. You still need a stand alone real time av.

Thanks, Vettetech. Does this scanner ever get updated or does it use the same blacklist signatures forever?


As of now it doesn’t get updated but I am sure it will be implemented in the future.

As from the latest version of CPF3 on Vista it does update each time you run the scan I have ran it a couple of times and both times it download a new update.

Thanks, Dennis. (:KWL)


I am sorry my fault. I just got home and I have XP Home SP3 and when I started up the scanner it immediately updated itself. I have never actually used the scanner in along time. Well over 3 months. I use SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes on demand for my scanners.

Hey, Vettetech, no prob!


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