The scanner gets stuck during scans

Windows 7 Ultimate, 32bit
CIS 3.14.129887.586
Other Applications: Steam, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Daemon Tools Lite

Configuration: Only Antivirus; D+ set to Clean PC mode; Image Execution Control has been disabled; Scanner is set to stateful.

The problem is reproducible. At this very moment of filing this report, it has been 30 mins. since the scanning of the same file (xpsrchvw.xml). Most of the times it gets stuck scanning that file. After which the ‘Pause Scan’ button disappears from the Scanner’s window.

Is your system overclocked? CIS will freeze if my CPU is anywhere in the 3.9 Ghz range and memory under 800 Mhz or at maximum setting (1066 Mhz). I also tend to get Windows errors or BSODs with any virus scan.

I can complete a scheduled and manual scan with a medium overclock of 3.83 Ghz (CPU), 9x multiplier, FSB @ 1700 and memory set at 850 Mhz (link & sync).

There may another issue involved in your case, but it’s worth a shot.


Can you please provide SHA1 and filepath of files that were being scanned as i described under following post:;msg362824#msg362824

In case we don’t have those files, we will request you and try to produce it.


This is my friend’s PC. I’ll need his permission before I can install any programs. I’ll ask him today, if he allows me, I’ll give you the SHA1 of those files.