The rhetoric in using the "20 year old" argument against antivirus

Well… the wheel is pretty ■■■■ old, yet not outdated. :wink:

Are you aiming that at me?? ;D
Well yeah, It isn’t 20 years old… Lots of things have changed/added such as Behavior Blockers heuristics etc… But what is old is playing the game of cop’s and robbers. I think (Especially with the introduction of cloud) AV’s will be around for a very long time! Maybe forever. Unless there is some break through :smiley:

Indeed AV are more like a 20yo, yet not outdated, mindset. ;D

What this mindset is?
What expectations and approaches it encourages?
What does it have users to implicitly disregard and leave “out of the picture”?

Well, I have thought of it as Melih has used the expression, but it was your signature that triggered my topic. ;D

In the last 20 years, we have been misrepresenting ourselves. [b]No-one is able to detect five and a half million viruses[/b]. Nowadays there are no mass virus outbreaks; [malware] is targeted. But, if there are no virus samples submitted, there's no way to detect them.

Every year there’s a new industry buzzword, but they always fail. Heuristics use a rule to inspect the file, but virus writers know this. They split the complete malicious program into different files, and download each file to test it against the heuristic rule. Each file looks innocent but, when combined, they become a virus.

People thought that virus protection protected them, but we can never block all viruses.

Three years ago, the buzzword was ‘personal firewalls’, but you can’t block everything. To have an effective personal firewall, you’d have to block port 80, but HTTP uses port 80. If you blocked that, no-one could use [the internet].

HIPS [host-based intrusion-prevention systems] have a lot of rules to tell if this application is trying to touch another application. HIPS behavioural monitoring requires files to be executed, so virus writers make sure they evade the rules.

Eva Chen, chief executive of Trend Micro

( from Antivirus industry lied for 20 years )

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What a charming argumentation.

“What is this: stupidity or evil intention?” (c)

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