The Resource Hacker Thread

Please post your best tips from using Resource Hacker. :slight_smile:


Removing Search without removing the functionality was exactly what I was thinking of, as something interesting to do. ;D

Thanks for the tip, I may try it later. I will get other benefits from this as well: The expanded “Programs” menu now appears upwards, and this is exactly how I want it. However I want to remove one folder, and this will cause the menu to appear downwards. However again, if I also remove “Search” under “Programs”, the “Programs” menu will still appear upwards. :a0


Seems like you understood, but I want to show anyway:

1: Current layout.
2: Removed “Listen & View”.

I want the same layout as in 1 but without “Listen & View”. It should be possible if I remove “Search”. :-TU

[attachment deleted by admin]

It is determined by the number of entries in the Programs folder, so I don’t see the confusion? I haven’t hacked anything to get that layout. Exactly what is it that you want? :slight_smile:

I’ll try to remove both Search and Settings now, and why not, maybe also “Turn Off Computer…”. ;D


Now we’re talking. (:KWL)

Previously I had disabled Help, Documents etc. but now I took the opportunity to remove these entries in explorer.exe. Its size also dropped from 1010 KB to 1009 KB. :-TU

I think I’m going to keep “Turn Off Computer…” as it gives those three choices (Stand by, Restart, Turn Off), and I prefer having the physical power button as a one-push shut down.


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So what about, when you guys are all done with tweaking etc. You make an image of your harddrive and then compress it with KGB archiver (to get limited downloadsize) and post it back on these forums ? I could give it a go to then :slight_smile:


That explorer is just a shortcut. I remove it after every reformat.

See my attached screen shot from 1033 (it’s the complete content so you can see all that’s left). I guess I could remove more stuff but I didn’t bother to do it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

In your dreams. ;D

I prefer in reallife if that’s the same 88)



Have you discovered how to get rid of the separator in the right-click menu that appears on the desktop? I would also like to get rid of “new shortcut” but I can’t find these things anywhere. Searching in Resource Hacker with all strings I can think of won’t help.

With the help of Tweak UI I have only new folder, new shortcut and new .txt document left. Still I don’t know how to get rid of “new shortcut”.

By the way, I also tweaked the right click menu of taskbar. All that’s left is: Properties, Lock the Taskbar, Task Manager, [Separator], Toolbars. :-TU

Finally, I removed all the things on the startmenu that won’t appear anyway. So now explorer.exe is only 1008 KB. I guess Windows starts faster now? 88)


So your guys mission is to kill your OS even more by removing code from executables and DDLs? 88)
I must say there’s a much easier method to decrease file size…

yeah, you could also try to delete the most recource using folder : %windir%


Isn’t shell32.dll loaded into the memory - how can you edit it without running into problems?


I thought you were testing already. (:NRD)

Oh, I’m browsing already. ;D

Thanks for checking, I was hoping that your method would work. :-TU

I think you will have to hack very much, maybe like Rag, to notice performance diffrence… just a guess. ???

I haven’t hacked explorer.exe… :stuck_out_tongue:
Like I said, there’s a much easier way to decrease file sizes… Let’s see if you guys can figure it out… :wink:

If you use the compressor, i thought everything went slower then ?


And I thought Rag was the master for a while, obviously he cheated. (:TNG)

Performance differences, Rag?