The reason why I left - eXPerience

Later XP ! Hold the door, I’ll follow you out !

Nobody sorts out all of the bugs before a release. Avira and Avast both had major bugs after their recent releases. The difference is Comodo users (including me sometimes) go stark raving mad over the bugs and the entire security community focuses their collective microscopes on the problem. Could Comodo do better? Sure. Do we sometimes overreact? Yup.

I hate to lose more users but it’s like Jx||Ker||Exor said, chill out. I haven’t heard anyone actually say that CIS isn’t working, just that they are mad. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes so I won’t comment on that but I will say this; if I left every time I got mad…I think you get the point. :wink:

Good luck in all your endeavours Xan. Live long & prosper.


You always were, a very active moderator and contributed heavily to these forums. I found you to always be reliable and trustworthy at all times. It was good working with you.

Best of luck in your future endeavorers.

The lack of trust they had in me. Even though I repetedly said I had nothing to do with it.
With what?

I’m guessing it is friction between some other mods and/or staff. But I don’t (and can’t) know. :slight_smile:

Don’t be silly, there’s no friction between the Mods. You’re forgetting about the anti-friction outfits that we’re all made to wear (actually, they’re very useful when ganda insists on one of his group hugs [shudder]). :slight_smile:

Jesus…I’d leave too. :smiley:


First of all, I must thank you for all the good work you did in these forums whenever you had free time from your school. For your age, you did excellent work and many people are grateful for that work. I wish all the teenagers your age was as helpful as you.

I am sorry to see you go. I explained to you why I demoted your Mod privileges after the leak from Mod board to MRG, which was totally against our policy.

As a result you decided to leave, and we are all sorry to see you go.

We all wish you all the best and again thank you for all the good work you did here!

thank you and good luck.


He was quite helpful, and I hope to still communicate with him via IM. :slight_smile:

So that was what happened… :stuck_out_tongue:

IF that is what happened.

This topic is all the information we have, and as far as I can see it is Melih’s word against that from Xan.

Greetz, Red.

Melih tho a word to the good, you had better make sure 100 per cent if was him cause if not you have just blamed one of your better mods and to be honest he was one of your cheerleaders. To be honest if that was me and I knew it was not me then that is a pretty bitter pill to swallow. In saying that if it was then…

I was talking to Xan (eXPerience) and he said he didn’t do that and it was just Comodo wanting to blame someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t an easy decision of course. MRG guys confirmed that they have the confidential data from our Mod’s section.

And Xan went and posted yet another confidential quote from Egemen in our Mod’s section in this thread.

I really think its NOT ok to abuse the trust one places on the others, no matter how and when.


Wwweeeelllll…thats why you never break forum rules! If you do you asking to lose your place! : :smiley:

I am surprised at the direction this issue is taking. I’m a very casual participant in the ongoing dialogue on the Forum but I am a full time user of some Comodo products. For me the greatest issue in this debate is security. If the integrity of the security product I employ is compromised due to the failure of the development team or any other associated group because they cannot work together in the best interest of the goal of achieving a secure high quality product I must be prepared to look else where.
Thanks, Comodo it been great and I appreciate the opportunity to use your products but I think I’ll migrate my system to one of the alternative Security Suites.

sigh :confused:

Hopefully they have isp logs and such that you have verified.

OK, so its true Egemen responded that.
So, thanks for making my decision easy.

By the way I think Exp. has more credibility in this forums than Melih.

So, goodbye Comodo.


All of this controversy aside.

If your reaction is based on this quote.
“we do not mind our product being bypassed.”

This is very much out of context.
ie: Does not mean what it seems to imply at face value.