The reason why I left - eXPerience

Hi ya all,

As per latest problems I had with Comodo ethics and their staff, I’m now taking the liberty of leaving the forums. I thought I would explain a little why I left exactly in this topic.

I have a problem with

  1. the way they beta test. it’s completely unstructered and they rush their releases. If you don’t believe me, look at the latest Comodo Dragon release.

  2. the way they handle bugs. No replies, no comment on bug reports. There are some bugs still coming from the V3 age that still are unresolved. They refuse to use other bug systems even though we moderators tried to help them with that.

  3. The ■■■■■■ PR. I hope their Comodostaff and CEO would get some training. I remember us moderators having to do a 4 month job to repair what they have broken with stupid comments.

  4. The unprofessionalism about speaking behind someones back and who has no possibility to defend himself.

  5. The unprofessionalism when Comodo fails a test. Instead of accepting they failed they always have to argue and try to bring the testing crew in discredit. Comodo, it is you that failed.
    ‘if you have a problem with the results, improve your program’

  6. The lack of feedback from Comodo Developers on their products.

  7. The lack of listening to testers and always do their own things. People have given great easy to implement ideas.

  8. They keep promising things they can’t make true. Get yourself a decent timeline ! Everyone knew from the beginning for example that you wouldn’t make it with the new GUI in V4.x.0 . Don’t say you will then.

  9. They still publish CTM while it harms tons of computers and renders them inoperable. At least give it back a BETA status !

  10. The lack of trust they had in me. Even though I repetedly said I had nothing to do with it. They kept accusing me. I do NOT wish to work like this if there is no trust. Trust is the basic of everything, and I thought that Comodo was all about that ? Comodo creating trust online ? If you don’t even trust your own 3rd most active moderator that states time and time again that I’m innocent, you can keep it !

So this is the end for eXPerience being on the Comodo forums. You will still see me around in some other forums ! If you ever need me… search me :wink: .

Be safe !

Good show eXP, my exact reasons for abandoning ALL Comodo products, pity though :-TD
Good will & good luck dude :-TU :-TU
Sorcerer :wink:

Sorry to see you go. :frowning:

Yes, there are many points Comodo seems to fail in. I have just heard some a member who was banned today, who said he didn’t do anything wrong (hint: his posts in the desktop background topic were the most popular). 88)

I haven’t found a good replacement to CIS 3, so that’s one reason why I’m still here.

I also dislike some of the more adult content on a forum about a company and computer security. 88)

Very sorry to hear this.

My guess and hope is that Comodo will soon establish that you were doing your best to help and apologise.

If so I very much hope you can be persuaded to return.

In any case all the very best for the future - I shall doubtless be searching for ‘eXperience’.


The thing is, his name isn’t unique. :-\ Google doesn’t go by caps, does it?

Sad to see you go :cry:
We’ll miss the comodo eXPerience here. See you on the other side :slight_smile:

Keep it easy ex7perience :■■■■ :■■■■

Sad to see one of the best and most significant mods here in the forum.

This made me think about continuing with CIS. Sure it protects, but bugs arent fixed, etc…

Sorry to see you go XP. I understand :frowning: . I agree with some of your comments in your OP but not all. I hope you try not hold grudges maybe chill for a while, and possiblly reconsider I think some apologies are due from both sides and I am not privileged to know the entire story, only the Comodo side, and some of the comments from the MRG VIP Forum.


IF you do decide to delete your account and never return, I hope life treats you well and you treat it the same.

:o :o :o :o :o :o

You best still have eVPN. If not speak to you in the underground.

Going, going, going, gone! :frowning:

Wait…What?! Your Leaving?! Dear God! Not another User! :cry:

Well…i just thought of something but i dont know if anyone will agree to it but…

Your The ModGod

Notice he isn’t a mod anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was for before he lost it…

He never lost anything finally, Comodo did. I’ve seen and heard enough! :-TD Again way to go eXP with dignity and respect from fellow members I’m with you all the way on this one!

…Not Another One

-1 for Xman / Sorcerer. 88)
The 2nd leaving.

Why the hell is everyone leaving? Jeez i find the forum boring sometimes and ive had problems with Comodo but you dont see me leaving? I even have a very short fuse! and Yet Im staying! I think some people just cant deal with Comodo Problems. Yeah but you know what i think? YOU PEOPLE NEED TO DEAL WITH IT! Argh…whew…got that off my chest

-3 for Xman
+0.5 For eXP

The problem is not to deal with it. Its that Comodo Problems never seem to resolve. Bugs are forgotten and as we pass versions they are still there.

God…they should sort out ALL the bugs before releasing it ( or just try to sort it all out) then people wont complain as much

Take care XP. :frowning: