The real problem with the sandbox

In my opinion, the root problem with the sandbox and the reason why I will not use it is that it’s automatic. Instead of automatically sandboxing things and giving an alert that it has, it should instead give an alert that something unknown is trying to run and ask whether you want to sandbox it or not with of course the option to also remember the answer. This is assuming of course that the sandbox is even necessary in the first place which in my opinion it is not.

To me the best option if you’re going to offer sandboxing would be to make it strictly on demand with the user choosing what they want to run sandboxed.

I think that is a totally wrong approach, if you want CIS to ask you, you can do that. But the system needs automatic protection which is why the sandbox is automatic. Remember that 99% of computer users don’t know anything about them, so the security solution needs to be able to protect them without asking, if it asks the user a question they can run into a lot of trouble. It would be like having your car ask you if you need to air bags every time you get in it to drive, sooner or later people will disable the system or will answer wrong and suffer the consequences. The same thing applies in computer security.

From what I can tell you are here only to speak against CIS and the sandbox. It seems as if you don’t like it and want to change the program into something you want. Just like everything else, products are made for the general audience not specific users. If you want it to ask you about everything you can set it up that way or you can get a classical hips that will ask you 10 million questions even about windows processes.

This is the behavior of D+. If you want to be asked for permissions, just disable the Sandbox. The Sandbox is for those users who don’t want to be bothered answering the prompts. It’s still a little quirky, but give the devs a chance to work the bugs out.

I was referring to the alert you get from the sandbox telling you that something has been put in it, not to any D+ alerts about attempted actions which I personally don’t want to see any more at all. I have disabled that too.

CIS, unlike some other security applications, is default deny. That’s why it keeps you so safe.

Following that philosophy the sandbox is a ‘default sandbox’.

Using a ‘default allow’ security suite will mean less hassle, at the expense of security. It’s horses for courses really!

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The problem is that it keeps you safe at the expense of causing some very popular and totally safe applications (Particulary games) from running and updating properly and to me, that’s not acceptable.

That’s a different problem!

I think many people would agree that there are significant bugs to be fixed. But also understand that what Comodo is attempting is both worthwhile and challenging. Roll on the next release which I suspect may address a lot of concerns!

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