The process of rebuilding the system of my new PC

A new era starts as of this week. :a0

I got myself a new PC: HP 13,3" laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium X64. Hardware - Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB / 7200 RPM HDD, external USB disc drive included, HDMI and some Geforce card with dedicated memory. It’s not a monster, but rather a little beauty, covered by metal (except the bottom). Light (1,9 kg) and compact but not like those minimal netbooks. After all, I should be able to use it comfortably.

Now of course it came loaded with a lot of ■■■■. Although I got tired of tweaking my old XP machine already last year (some you of know about the absurd nLite sessions, LOL), I have now got a little sparkle back for W7 so I’m going to “fix” my new beauty.

Here’s the process (bold style steps have already been done):

1. Make sure I can reinstall W7 without using HP:s recovery solution.
2. Get a tool to extract my OEM license file from the current system.
3. Download* a W7 ISO file.
4. Make HP recovery discs in case something goes wrong.
5. Manage partitions: Delete the recovery partition which inconveniently uses D:, I need to take space from C: and put to D: as I want to use it as a partition for personal files. C: should be for the system only.
6. Use vLite RT 7 Lite to remove some of the most unnecessary W7 components.
7. Burn the W7 ISO to a DVD.
8. Install a clean W7 from my DVD, using the OEM license on the sticker under the PC, and put back the license file (extracted in step 2) in the system.

  • Apparently it’s legal to do this, at least using the official distribution channels, which I did.

Maybe I need to download some drivers as well but that shouldn’t be a problem. Or maybe it actually is a problem? Do you think my network card will work out of the W7 box? It’s a little hard to download network card drivers when you’re unable to access the Internet. :smiley:

So what do you all think of this? O0

I’m jealous. :smiley: My laptop is starting to get old. >.>

When I reinstall Windows 7, all the network drivers on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop work without having to mess around with them…but I’m not sure about your’s. MS seems good about including drivers in W7, though.

Update: #5 has been performed (about 50 GB for C: and 250 GB for D: ) after verifying that the recovery discs work, and I’m going to try some other software instead of vLite in #6.

OK, thanks for the heads up. To be sure I made a copy of the driver folder included by HP, now safely stored at the D partition.

I guess HP didn’t include an OS disk by the sound of it. I would very much like to get at least a re-install disk with it when I buy.


Win 7 is great on providing the drivers needed, especially Nvidia.
I do however, recommend going to the respective websites to dl the most recent drivers.

Update: All steps are done now. 8)

I was careful when slimming down W7 as I’m not familiar with the system and want to keep a large spectrum of compatibility. Seems like RT Seven Lite worked fine. The ISO size went from 3.0 GB to 2.56 GB. But most importantly, the system is no longer bloated with HP software or even traces of it. :-TU

Precisely, and I’ve heard that this is the case with most machines these days. If you want to reinstall, you’ll have to do it from a recovery partition, or make your own DVD:s. At least HP provided software for making such discs.

Indeed it’s great, everything worked out of the box. This far W7 has been stable and nice.

LA, use this link to help you slim down and improve Win7 performance.
I know how you love to tweak, and this site is just for people like you. I have used it with Vista (he has one for Vista also), but haven’t taken advantage of this for Win7 yet.

Thanks for the tip John, I already knew about it though. In fact, it gets even better: With RT Se7en Lite (this is the software I used), which lets you customize W7 and build your own ISO, you can even use a preloaded Black Viper configuration of which services to enable/disable when you install and start Windows!

W7 works great now, but soon enough I’ll go further and slim it more. Just waiting for vacation and bad weather. ;D

I think you’re crazy again. Congratulations (:CLP).

Actually, I’ve been pondering the same. If I’m going to buy a new computer, it would be similar: 64 Bit Windows 7 in a laptop. It should be smaller, lighter, quieter and consume less power.

why has everyone got laptops, you want a big fat desktop with a at least 22" monitor, With big hot running hardware that sounds like a jet taking off in your bedroom. 8)

Anyway, i have been using windows 7 stock since i got it but have been thinking about making an custom ISO. Is this RT 7 lite as easy to use as nlite??

You have a strange taste in computers…not everyone enjoys a jet in their bedroom. 88)

I like a laptop because I can move it. And less cords.

I don’t have room to put a desktop anywhere too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have a 22" monitor. Who said you can’t plug the big ■■■ monitor into the laptop? 8)

Tbh atm i have a antec mini p180 cause its quiet :D. I modded a case with a 140mm and 120mm fan on the front and 4 80mm fans on the side panel. All blue LED fan and i had blue LED feet that did a light show, it was like having Vegas in my bedroom.

That’s a good point but you have to have a fairly good graphics card in your laptop to do that. I have a 22" monitor and a 37" sony 1080p tele connected up for films etc. :-TU

how about water cooling, very high overclocking ability while still being very quiet, this is what I have. Runs great.

I use liquid cooling also. Really lowers the temps without the noise. Problem is, LA has a laptop.
Haven’t seen any liquid coolers designed for laptops, just desktops.

I was talking to MetalShaun. I was into fans and colors and all that but now I have an sleek all back case with no lights and very low noise. Right now I am trying to save money for an upgrade. I do a lot of multi-tasking and am really looking at the AMD Phenom 1090T black edition, coupled with 16GB ram, windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, water cooling, 1Kw power supply, 2TB of storage and a bluray burner I think will give me a really nice system.

You still need a few fans for the radiator though. I really like my p180 mini atm the 200mm fan in the top is near silent but moves alot of air. And the sound deadening really helps. I am upgrading my stock cooler for my core I5 750 with a corsair A50 that ordered yesterday which should also reduce noise.

I also got annoyed with loud cases, especially when you leave your PC on all night downloading and seeding.

Anyway back on topic, Is the CPU in your laptop Leoni a CULV chip??? or is it a full fat one??

How much of a pain is it to dust out laptops? PCs are easier in that regard I think.

The use of a can of compressed air will help.

I already have that can. It works wonders (but usually costly). Specifically, how hard is it to open the case?