The problem with cmdagent

I use CIS. Now scan the system program Nano Antivirus. He found the virus.

cmdagent.exe (844) :: 0A930000 Infected Trojan.Win32.Redirector.baooxc Postponed.

What is it - infection or a false positive?

That is a False Positive. cmdagent.exe is an important file in CIS. Given it is cmdagent.exe. I recommend you choose one or the other since having two suites could possibly cause conflict.
If you want to make sure. Go to Task Manager and check show processes from all users. Look for cmdagent.exe on the process list right click on it and left click on properties.

It is good

But cmdagent not visible in the task manager
There’s only cpf.exe
Nano Antivirus I removed

Hi Andrej455,
In the task manager select Show processes from all users for cmdagent to show.

Now I saw
Thank you.

Glad to hear and you are welcome. :slight_smile:

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