The "PRAISE COMODO" thread

just recently I installed v3 alpha but after a short while went back to v2.4. Even if I was very impressed (and 110% persuaded of it’s potential to become by far the most advanced fw on the market once it’s final) I still found the alpha a tad too buggy especially as many features weren’t working properly. However, I couldn’t resist the tempteation to install v3 beta.
What can I say?
Uninstall of v2.4 was a piece of pie as was the installation of v3 beta.
I have encountered no problems so far and v3’s configurableness is simply incredible. IMHO v3 is by far the most advanced fw on the market (free and paid for).
Chapeau COMODO. The final, as I’m sure, will be too good to be true.
Sure, the configurableness makes it a bit daunting at first but I’m sure that, as soon as one’s worked one’s way into it it’ll be a piece of pie.
O.k., to get to the point:
After all the hard work the developers have put into creating such a fine piece of FREE software makes them deserve some PRAISE. So, if you like, PRAISE COMODO. Be generous in complimenting them on their great work.
(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Thank you all at COMODO for providing such great products for free!!!
No other fw shall ever take your place.

P.S. Plz excuse my fanatism but I’m in love. (:LOV)

I hope the final version doesn’t grant you a heart-attack ;D (M)

Have to say that this version is quite a bit smoother than the alpha and probably one of the most configurable personal firewalls that I have seen.

Good job Comodo.


I’ve had two so far. ;D
Sorry, I’m a sucker for great security programmes. (R)

Thanks Comodo for making such a great firewall ;D
Hope you’ll keep making firewalls when I’m 80 like grampa :wink:
Only bad thing so far is it gave me a BSoD, but I guess it’s better than a heart attack? ;D




How’d you know he’s 80? He actually revealed before that he’s young :o

I can’t find the right words.
Magnificent, Superb, Unsurpassed, etc., etc. ;D

Thank you Comodo for all the blood, sweat, tears, not to forget Money, and everything else that went into the development of this firewall (and all your other freeware, for that matter).

I am very grateful for the effort you have made and I really hope you’ll be around for a long, long time (at least as long as I need security programs ;))


I’d also like to praise the moderators. You do a fantastic job, answering questions, giving support, making the Comodo Forum a great place to visit.

Actually you deserve your own thread of praises, but I’ll throw my thanks in here anyway.



edit: I wrote this just hours before I became a moderator myself :slight_smile:

regarding my age:

Just to let you know, I’m 31 but feeling 80 :wink:

I’m soooooooooooo with you!
But it’s not only the mods but every user who devotes their time to help each other or simply to talk about whatever. The time spent by the mods does, however, exceed the time spent by the ‘everyday user’ by numbers unknown.
Honestly, IMHO, COMODO does make fantastic products but it’s the users and (before all) the mods who make for their greatness.
Keep up the fantastic work.
Thanks a million,

Agree with you on that one, there are a lot of users too who put great effort into support here!


Hi all,
I’m new to these forums and I would like to start off by saying that COMODO firewall is the first firewall that I have installed that has not had problems coping with the 24/7 heavy workload on my computer.

I found COMODO v2.4.18.184 posted to Demonoid the Bittorrent tracker, the silent install version.
I installed it and expected to have the usual problems as I started up the full workload that runs on my computer. I was amazed when it not only coped but allowed me a level of configuration much greater than any other firewall that I’ve used, and it did not hog the processor.

Just so you can get an idea of what its coping with, I run Emule v0.48a Xtreme 6.1, Azureus Bittorrent client v2.5.0.4, Peerguardian 2, GIANT Antispyware, AVG Free Edition, Windows Messenger and the World Community Grid Client. on top of this I am often browsing the web with many pages open at the same time.

So far I am well pleased with my new COMODO firewall, thank you very much.

Hey Comodo/Bittorrent users out there - (or maybe just bhenderson?)
First time poster here. I just recently ditched Norton (used it for years - had NO idea my computer was this fast!) and switched to NOD32. Luckily, I had indeed configured Norton well since NOD’s scan found nothing. Another member of grownupgeek had also switched and found 6 Trojans. Anyways…

I am now speedy and quiet but feeling naked (at least too much for bittorrent-ing) using just the Windows firewall. So with all the glowing recommendations from my pals at grownupgeek, I’ll give Comodo a shot.

But years ago, I had found a site that had idiot-proof, step by step instructions on how to figure each popular firewall out there to maximize (and protect) your bittorrent experience. It was probably in the FAQ’s of suprnova (rip) or something. Never had a complaint, inquiry, nada from my ISP. I figured I was doing well.

Now, with Comodo - can anyone help with a configuration, a good bittorrent-specific one, with Comodo? Would it just be easier to stick with default settings and get PeerGuardian? I just want to remain as protected as I possibly can.

Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.

thx comodo for making great products for FREE and thx to the mods (and everyone) who help me so far.(i’ve just noticed that i got 3 stars,never pay attention to it before. got stars by asking for help in this forum (:TNG)).

I used to use zonealarm and man am I glad those days are over. Then again I suppose it’s true the saying, “ignorance is bliss”, still I’m glad I made the switch. Thanks to all the wonderful people at Comodo for such a great product and great support to go with it.

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