The PC hangs on Startup

First of all, english isn’t my native language.

Hi, I’m not sure where I should post this, I have an HUGE problem that is almost certainly caused by Comodo CIS, here is the situation:

At each startup the system hangs for a couple of minutes with just the wallpaper showing, after that I get the usual window’s “insufficent memory” error box and popup, then the system starts ( and works ) normally.

I’m running on a 32 bit system with win xp sp3 ( installed with a custom disk created with nLite ) and I have 2gb of ram installed ( swap file is disabled ).

With some luck, I managed to open the task manager right before the pc hanged and found out that “services.exe” starts using all the CPU and slowly occupies all the available memory ( it’s probably a loop ), untill there is no more left and the OS boots ( at that point services.exe resumes working normally ).

Services is an essential system process and can’t be terminated or disabled.
There is most certainly some other service or driver or whatever that uses “services.exe” to gain access to all those system resources.

While running the system on safe mode, the problem doesn’t show up.
I tried removing ( uninstalling ), one at time, all the few applications that run at startup, including Comodo and Avira. I also reduced the running services to the bare minimum, but that didn’t help either.

Re-enabling the swap file doesn’t prevent the problem from showing up, only lenghten hang time and spares me of the insufficent memory error.

Since a few more random problems showed up too, I assumed it all was caused by system instability and decided to format the hd and reinstall everything.

After the wipe, I began reinstalling all my drivers and apps, everything went fine … that’s untill I installed CIS ( which I left as last ), the problem showed up right after the needed after-install reboot.
Again, removing CIS doesn’t make the problem disappear.

Try installing windows manually( i.e bith your CD and installing Drivers manually , No unattended setup) nlite is known to modify many keys under session manager, which may popup as memory problem.



I used nLite only to remove a few unwanted features for the installation disk and adjust a few settings, the installation was completly manual.

Anyway, I’m going to try installing the OS from the original disk, might help to isolate the problem.