The Origins of Linux - Linus Torvalds

:slight_smile: Long video, 1:25

Umm…I quit after 3 seconds (when it paused to buffer) :D.

I hoped you were being sarcastic and meant it was 1 minute 25 seconds… 88)

I don’t have time to watch a hour-long video. ;D

From things I’ve seen lately it seems like he is not happy with the direction his creation has taken. I even saw him in a promotion for Windows 7.

From what I gathered in the video (I watched it all) He has no really prominent goals for linux and that basically all the thousands of people with thousands of ideas\goals are shaping linux into what we need at present.

If this is what you mean I don’t think you could call that a promotion, more like taking the micky.

Haha what a Troll ;D ;D