The nominations are in for best antivirus and internet suites for 2011

The nominations are in for best antivirus and internet suites for 2011… What Is a Web Browser?
You can now go vote for your favorite finalist…

It’s not important right?
Marketing is important for others but not for Comodo…
Then give me a reason to vote in this Poll Results…
So never mind…
Comodo is still the best …

Am I right ?

I added internet suites in the title to be more accurate.

I voted for CIS being the best suite. It’s what I use. :slight_smile:

I voted for CIS because I use it and because it’s the best :slight_smile: ESET is dam popular

Valentin N

Thanks Eric :-TU

I love it, so that’s what I choose

Welcome to the forums ryanq!! ;D

hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Ryangq

Valentin N

I choose Avast.

and which IS ? just curious.

I made my vote :rocks:
If your looking for a way to help comodo please ,vote (I promise it won’t take more than 30 seconds of your time) :slight_smile:

Avast free ver 6.
It has a sandbox you know.

And it is still beta, full of bugs…you know?

Yeah I’m aware. I’m a beta tester. SO yes I do KNOW.

They decided to add the sandbox using a different approach…not the default-deny one. So, in theory every potentially dangerous file should be sandboxed, basing the decision on an heuristic engine. Ok, it’s a possible solution, but you have to build at least a very powerful heuristic engine to reach this target. For the moment, it doesn’t work properly. Lets see what happens with the final release…

Ops, I’m sorry, I voted for CIS ;D

Done. :-TU
(CNY) (CWY) :110:

Why wouldn’t marketing be important for Comodo? Obviously it is.

Comodo cares to protects its users and it’s a plus if people vote and tell what they think about comodo. Comodo doesn’t put marking on the highest priority. (this is how I see it)

If you vote, vote you find as best.

Valentin N

I have voted Comodo, because I like it, I use it, I trust it, annd it suits my needs. I think they should say “What is your choice?” not “What is the best?”, because the results will show the most popular as the winner and not necessarily the best. Anyway what is the best for one person may not be the best for another, everyones needs and systems are different. Comodo is my choice, even if it is not the most popular. Kind regards everyone.

Well that took less than 5 seconds of my time… voted for Comodo, was quited shocked to see how many voted for ESET… although it the poll is only a small ammount of users… still nice to do my bit.