The New Version of Comodo Firewall.


My english is bad i know. ;D But im trying the best i can.

I have some questions.

1: When does the new version of Comodo released? (I mean getting out of beta and become a “finish” version)

2: And what changes/improvements has there been made on the new version?

3: Can’t the Comodo Team not make a seperate spyware-scanner? Still free, and with real-time protection. I have a good Anti-virus program and I don’t want to change that, because it running very well on my computer. ;D :smiley:

And then I have a possible improvement to the Comodo Firewall. The Component Monitor should be faster to accept when I says Allow to a new Component.

I takes sometimes about 20 sek before the message disappears. And I can’t really use my computer in that time.

Tesk. :slight_smile:

It should be out as a stable version 28th December.

13 different languages are supported.

There are many small changes that’s improved, so you can go to beta corner and read about some of them.

It was a separate spyware scanner from the beginning, but now it’s implemented into the AV program.

I’m using the latest beta, and I’ve no problem with a slow component monitor.
I can’t remember that I had it before either.

Is Danish in the supported languages supported? Iv’e read in the Translation Area than you have a Danish version soon will be supported? Is that in the Update in 28 th December?

And is the new update coming trough the automatic updater? Or shall I uninstall Comodo and install the new one?

That is mysterious with the Comoponent Monitor. I don’t know if that is because there is MANY component Comodo needs to track every internetactivity on?

Because I mean i have many Components, but thats just a sign of nothing is going to pass Comodo Firewall without Comodo Firewall is warning us. (L)

Super firewall!

I don’t know if Danish is included in the next stable release.
You can send the translator a PM maybe, and ask if he has completed the translation?
If you can understand Swedish, thats finished now… ;D You can download a beta of it, and it will be in the stable release the 28th.

I would be more happy if i could get a version with Norway languages ;D

But i would be very happy if a danish version of Comodo came out. Soon please. (:WIN)

I have many friends there maybe want to try/use the great Firewall if it comes in a danish version.

Thanks for all now.

you can see the status for translations in the firewall translation section of this forum.