The new product

Hi all,

Today, I decided to purchase the new Comodo Application for Firewall + AV @ $79. Filled out my details and I received an error: " Payment gateway no match." Well I tried and tried, to no avail. I have a perfectlly good credit card and Comodo, for whatever reason, rejects the purchase.

This has peeved me somewhat! Comodo’s loss - Kaspersky’s gain. Thats life.


Hi There.

Any takers? I was hoping for some input.


we will check it out asap!

thanks for the heads up…

(the reason why it took us time to respond is because of the heading you used… but no worries… we are on it now).


Hi Melih

I have purchased the 39$ Firewall Pro Plus. I have my ID number and I have downloaded the appropriate Application. Am I correct in assuming that The ID is primarily the iidentification if/when I get hit wth a virus?

By the way, the purchase went through flawlessly.



Thanks for Purchasing Marserobert!
Yes that ID is for identification. Now you have just got rid off Malware/virus etc from your list of stuff to deal with list :slight_smile:

If anything happens, our experts will, with your permissions, remotely clean up your machine while you are sipping your coffee latte :slight_smile:

It beats paying for AV and still having to deal with the crap that AVs don’t catch and you still have to clean them yourself… not anymore with us!

Again, thank you