The network firewall is not working properly


This is the message displayed by the control center under windows seven 64 bits. So i ran diagnostics, save the xml file which is attached here (renamed in text because the forum does not accept xml file upload)

In details, i uninstalled my previous Comodo after saving the firewall rules.
I installed the new release of Comodo Security suite and import my save rules.
And now having this message.

Any idea ?

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Hi Kynao,

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It seems the installer was unable to ‘create’ the correct registry key’s while installing on your system.
Do you have any other security software that could interfere with the installation of CIS on your system?

This might be caused by either AVG or MBAM being active on your system also, and preventing the creation of the mentioned registry changes during CIS install.

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Thanks Ronny.

Then i desactivated AVG (it’s internet security suite installed without the firewall component) and Malwarebyte, accepted the diagnostics try to fix the problem but they didn’t.
Do you advice me to reinstall Comodo ?

PS: What is the software you use to highlight zone in the image ?

I desactived AVG, then i tried to install again, then it asks me to reboot (but avg is active on reboot) and i had the message in screenshot, then it continue to install and ask me to reboot. On reboot no Comodo is launched, it’s like an uninstall occured.

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Yes I would disconnect from the internet and ‘disable’ AVG and MBAM real-time, as you posted also to stay disabled after reboot.

PS: What is the software you use to highlight zone in the image ?
At least [url=]Hypersnap[/url] or [url=]Faststone Capture[/url] have these features. Windows7 Snipping Tool has the yellow marker

Well, we can completly disabled Mbam across reboot, not avg.
Maybe you know one solution ?
I don’t uninstall it as it does not install then if Comodo present, that’s why i uninstall comodo to do an avg upgrade. I suggest to make comodo compliant with avg as agnitum is.

It seems we have an incompatibility with the new avg release :

  • new avg release + new comodo install = problem
  • new avg release + old comodo install + updates = it works but this is not a reasonable solution, especially in time …

What version of AVG are you using? I’d like to try this on a VM.

I now see that AVG is marked as ‘Incompatible software’
Didn’t CIS warn you during install that incompatible software was found?

Yes i saw that but absolutly not warned during install.
I’m used to AVG which does not want to install when comodo is present but not the inverse.

As explained, that’s why i usually uninstall comodo before doing a big avg upgrade as everything works fine after, now they just do not want each other for no reason as it works well after. I just tell avg not to install firewall and i use only the comodo firewall to avoid conflicts.

AVG security suite internet business edition 2012

I don’t expect there to be a easy install for that. But as both seem to be marked incompatible to each other I’m not sure if it will be fixed by Comodo.
Probably both have improved their product and seem now to bite each-other even more…

Ok, but if we follow this logic, then how another excellent well known firewall called Agnitum has always and still has avg compatibility (mentionned at install by the way) ?
Even if not doing the same, Comodo could very well let avg work aside as before, that is like it was before the last release so we could continue to install comodo after avg.

In the meantime, do we have a list of antivirus compliant with comodo firewall except comodo anti-virus ?
Is Avira into this list for example ?

That’s very hard to explain if you don’t know the technical details. I’m just a volunteer and have no idea what part of the code is causing the conflict.

Today’s anti-malware products keep improving and getting more and more in each others fields of play thus causing more and more compatibility conflicts.
I expect things to only get worse in the future. It seems that CFW is no longer ‘just’ a firewall it also seems to do more than that.

Did you install with or without ‘leak prevention’ on the firewall install?

Without ‘leak prevention’.
It’s a pity, i were happy with Comodo firewall :slight_smile: i have to come back to the previous release until i find another firewall. As i give priority to antivirus, i prefer a firewall replacement than the contrary.

AFAIK there are no fixes or improvements regarding the Firewall module so 5.9 should be good to use.
I guess we’ll have to see how v6 works with other suites. Or ask for compatibility if it goes beta, maybe they can work something out.

That would be great as that would avoid users to make a choice between 2 or more products

I think this will help us to take the good decision comodo privacy concerns | Wilders Security Forums

I fail to see what that topic has to do with this topic.

The agreement is only to do with DNS filtering if you do not use Comodo DNS it is of no interest to you.

Thank you


Well I think a little explanation is in place here, both of those are there for value added services.
These terms apply for Secure DNS & TrustConnect.

Secure DNS is a DNS Service and therefor needs to be able to ‘block’ malware related websites etc, and thus needs to inspect websites people visit.
TrustConnect is a ‘VPN’ service that Comodo does not provide for ‘criminals’ to hide their illegal behavior.