"The network firewall is not running properly!"

So, first I had problem with cfpudat.exe… It runs all the time using over 90% my cpu ??? (intel celeron m 2ghz)…
I read som talks from the internet and they said that I need to reinstall comodo. So, I unistalled cis and installed again… Now when I restarted computer cis says that “the network firewall is not running properly!”. I used diagnostics. Diagnostics finds the problem, but couldn´t fix it… Then I clicked that I want the report (look for attachments).

I realised that atleast one problem is that comodo cannot install firewall driver… I have had couple problems with my windows 7 ultimate 32-bit, when it crashed during windows update :frowning: May I need to reinstall 7 first, or what? (I don´t have the install media anymore… Where I can find one?)

And sorry about my “english”, i´m a finnish guy :wink:

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Try uninstalling CIS, reboot and run this clean up tool. Then try again and report back.

Not sure as to why your Windows crashed during update but it never hurts to scan your computer for malware using the following scanners:
Malwarebytes Anti Malware
Super Antispyware
Emsisoft Anti Malware (tread carefully here. It gives above average number of false positives but has a very good detection rate. Make sure to quarantine all detected threats (don’t delete)).
Hitman Pro (trial version)

I used comodo programs manger to unistall cis… booting… running the cleaning application you posted… bootin… AND then comodo runs like it should be running :-TU Thanks for the help!

Need a little help, cannot for the life of me get this working.

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Timmt. Please don’t hijack another topic and cross post. I answered in your other topic.