"The network firewall is not functioning properly"

Cloned a new SSD and then did a repair install of Win 8.1 Pro. Just noticed the network firewall error message. The report is attached. In searching the forum, I see a registry hack, but mine doesn’t have “Maximum Filters” under Network, so not sure how that would work. Is there anything else to do, short of a reinstall? If not, I’d like to keep my settings. Thanks,

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Hi genegold,
You could try the instructions posted here by Eric to try and re-install the Firewall driver.

That failing export your configuration to save your settings before attempting a fresh install.
Importing/Exporting and Managing Personal Configurations-Comodo Help

Hope that helps.

Thanks! The inspect driver install didn’t work, the message being that it couldn’t find a driver. But installing the Comodo service under ethernet properties + a reboot got things back to normal. This link helped: Install additional network protocols or components | Microsoft Learn

Hi genegold,
Good to hear that you solved the issue. :-TU
Thanks for the link.

Kind regards.

Thanks for this. Reinstalled Windows today, installed Comodo Firewall 8.2 and it just didn’t work. Nothing shown as traffic, no alerts, nothing. HIPS seemed to be doing something, Firewall dead in the water, but no alerts or anything. So went to the service as per the technet article and just disabled and reenabled it and seemed to do the trick. For now at least. But what gives? Never did this before…