The network firewall is not functioning properly

Trying to install CIS 6.3.32439.2937 on Windows 8.1 RTM (which is now officially supported apparently in this release). I had it running ok a few weeks ago, but removed it temporarily - now can’t seem to reinstall it. I’ve done numerous cleans with the ‘unofficial’ Comodo cleanup tool. However, after installing I always have the above showing in the CIS main program. Clicking Fix it fails, and produces a report file, which I’ll attach to this message. Looking at my Ethernet device, I noticed there is no Comodo Firewall item installed in there. If I try to add it (COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver) I get the message ‘Could not add the requested feature. The error is: There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.’.

Any ideas, anyone ?

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You can try what’s said in this quote.

Thanks, but I’d already seen that one and have tried it without any difference.

I just tried the install again, after an uninstall, reg clean and the Comodo cleanup tool. I can report that the issue still remains. Another odd thing I noticed - when I successfully installed it a little over a week ago, I remember the program opening immediately after the install completed, and doing an update even, before asking to reboot. Now it gets to the end of the install and immediately asks to reboot.

Also I’ve noticed that when I do uninstall the program, the ‘COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver’ is still listed as an available Network Service (although it cannot be installed, either while CIS is still installed or after removing it). Obviously the uninstall routine doesn’t fully remove everything that was installed - quite naughty (definitely a bug) in my opinion. Maybe the presence of this is what’s preventing it from installing now ?

Anyway, I’ll obviously be removing it again as it’s quite apparent that it’s not working. I’ll keep an eye on this thread in the hopes that someone suggests something, but otherwise it’s not worth trying again at the moment, unless a new update is released that addresses some of these issues.

Exactly the same issue as mine.

Ok, fix it. I uninstall Comodo Firewall and DELETE the entry in regedit. After reboot I install again.