The network firewall is not functioning properly warning

Today I’ve got this message and stop icon on COMODO CIS trayicon:

[b]The network firewall is not functioning properly! Please run the diagnostics utility to fix the problem.[/b]
Of course I did and notification still exists also after os reboot.

This is my configuration right now:

  • CPU 64 bit AMD BE-2300
  • MS Vista x64 Ultimate +SP1+all possible updates after sp
  • Avast! Anti-virus 4.8 Home Edition
  • Can’t explain how I managed to create this issue, I only stopped immediately after CIS install her virus defense. Avast Network Shield was stopped also, Windows Firewall is running.
  • Configuration of CIS is Internet Security with stopped Defense+ and Firewall+ at Safe Mode state.
  • I’ve got 1 or two BSODs from overclocking, Realtek driver is too buggy (checked for that).
  • Account is Administrator and UAC is stopped.

Please answer, what result have you got from diagnostics. There could be 3 variants:
1 - diagnostics did not find any problems.
2 - diagnostics has found problems and after you agreed to fix them reported all the problems have been fixed.
3 - diagnostics reported it could not fix some problems and offered to create report

in case 3 please create report and attach it here or e-mail me.

i have the same problem, it said it cudnt fix it so here the error log

[attachment deleted by admin]

Here’s my report on similar issue (vista business sp1). During fix attempt I was asked to agree to install firewall driver, clicked “agree”, but it said it still couldn’t fix some problems, problem remains after restart. I’ll try to reinstall to see what happens.

Remarkably, on another PC I’ve got the same windows version, same CIS version, but it works properly after update.

[attachment deleted by admin]

From the look of the report file I can guess it’s missing some registry key.

Anyway after reinstall the message haven’t appeared again. Looks like all rules are gone though.

I have also got the same problem. My error report as attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]


ive just sent you an email regarding comodo report

[attachment deleted by admin]

same problem.
“The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation”
XP Proff. SP3 + all security updates
(Convertible Minitower - 2G RAM)
windows firewall
spybot search and destroy - non resident (no tea timer)

clean pc mode
comodo-internet security updated

I have the same problem running an HP Pavillion laptop with XP sp3. I have installed and uninstalled and re-installed Comodo firewall. Diagnostic utility says there are no problems at this time. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Try uninstalling CIS, reboot and then use this clean up tool before installing again.

I’m having the same problem as well. I already did a clean install of CIS and still end up with option 3 below. Attached is my report and thanks for your help.

I have Vista Ultimate SP1 with Microsoft Security Essentials.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have the same problem with an HP Pavillion Laptop running xp sp3 and when I run the diagnostic tool it comes back that it cannot fix the problem and creates the attached report.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi, I have the same problem. I have had CIS v3 for about a year working perfectly with no problems, then a few days ago I got this error message and the diagnostics said nothing wrong. rebooted, still same. today I decided to uninstall v3 and get the latest one. I have same message and still diagnostics says installation is fine!

HELP! :cry:

ps, I am not great on computer jargon, I know I have a Toshiba Satellite M30 laptop 32 bit, anymore and im lost!

After uninstalling CIS try opening device manager, go to view - show hidden devices and expand the list, see if there’s any comodo component in there.

In Non plug and play drivers I have Comodo Internet Security Firewall drivers and helper drivers, working fine. In same list of non plug and play drivers I have a yellow exclamation of ‘serial’ which in properties says Devices instance ID, ROOT/LEGACY_SERIAL/0000. It says its ‘stopped’ and I dont have a clue what its for or whether to start it or what! :cry:

Did you recently install a new security program or a program that interferes with networking (Netlimiter for example)? Did it happen after you installed a Windows update?

Not that I can think of. Its been fine, just decided not to work a few days ago. I have been racking my brains trying to think if I did anything different and I havent. I am not on a network (that I know of) and the only security program I have is this one. :frowning:

I was asking if there are any comodo components in device manager AFTER uninstalling it.

oopps sorry. I will try that again tomorrow. I did think of something I did recently though, defrag, I think it happened after that.

sorry for mistake.


what is the solution to this problem when I uninstall and reinstall the problem disappears, but after an update error happens, what the solution of the problem. Help