"The network firewall is not functioning properly!" [RESOLVED]

I recently installed the Comodo firewall on my desktop and it works great so I wanted to install it on my laptop as well and that’s where something went wrong (:AGY).

Install went fine but after reboot system status says “the network firewall is not functioning properly”. I ran the diagnostics (the output of which is in the attached txt file) but still no use. I uninstalled/reinstalled the complete program but exactly the same problem occured. During the install and during the diagnostic test I got a message from Windows (Vista) that asked me wether or not I wanted to continue as the driver was not signed. I can’t recall getting this message on my desktop…(I pressed continue of course).

Hope someone can help, ty.

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There are some messages from users who fixed this problem by either turning UAC off or running the installer as an administrator (right click the shortcut and select properties/compatibility and check the box. I already had UAC off and got the problem, it was solved by simply a second reboot. Don’t know the origin of the problem, although have heard Comodo is also planning some work on the installer. Also, practice seems to be to always uninstall from safe mode so more stuff gets removed (Install from normal mode). Hope some of these help; there doesn’t seem to be a universal solution posted anywhere. Although maybe someone else will post one soon. :wink:

Thx for the quick reply sded.

This is what I did, uninstalled the firewall in safe mode + disabled UAC > installed the firewall with admin right in normal mode > same problem > reboot (2nd time) > same problem.

Guess I’m gonna uninstall it for now untill Comodo comes up with a fix…too bad though, it works so well on my desktop which has the same Vista on it…

I’m guessing the problem lies somewhere with the “trusted driver” message, I didn’t receive this message on my desktop, and on top of that, it’s quite strange that vista detects a driver installation during a firewall install.

Anyway, thx for the help and if someone finds the solution let me know:)

The driver installation is for the Comodo miniport that intercepts your traffic to perform the firewall functions. If you go to device manager/show hidden devices you should see a list of the tap points. Sorry I haven’t seen any other advice; maybe someone else will chime in who has. Sounds like a conflict with other (security?) software that needs to be sorted out. Only other thing I can suggest is to go to MS Configuration and disable the loading of most of your support functions and try again. Once this gets fixed, it seems to stay fixed, so you can then add them back (maybe one at a time). The other thing reported is that Terminal Services needs to be enabled for Comodo, so if you have changed from the default services configurtion that might be worth a look. And if you find anything, Comodo would sure like to know about it so they can fix it. Happens far too often, fixed by magic-that’s why I suggest a conflict that can be fixed by the load order of the processes.

Just saw a late breaking message saying Windows Defender was causing installation problems that were fixed by disabling it during installation. Certainly plausible considering the Defender functionality and worth a try. Also turn off the Windows Firewall first. :wink:


Well it does now anyway, everything is working as it should:

I installed as admin, with UAC off and everything in MSCONFIG switched off (including Defender) except for my OS itself of course ^^.
After install I got a tiny heartattack as the tray icon wasn’t showing but this solved itself after reboot…I switched everything else back on at once (sorry, don’t have the time to test them all one by one). And everything kept functioning as it should…hope it stays like this!

Thx for the help sded, a lot of moderators could learn something from you.
Oh and Windows firewall was already switched off :wink:

It would be nice if it was Defender only, but need some more experience to say that. Hard to tell, since the OS decides loading order on its own, and doesn’t always do it the same. Glad it’s working for you. The one at a time was just an afterthought, in case bringing them all back was a problem. Haven’t seen any reports of the problem coming back after cured-the Windows loader is actually adaptive in that sense, just not very smart. :slight_smile: