The net not works

Windows 2000.
When I installed Comodo firewall 2.4 I my computer was not more able so see the other PC in wireless intranet; without firewall I can see the other PC with XP.
How I must set the firewall to allow see the other PC?
Thank you very much

When I try to access to the other PC the firewall show this message on ACTIVITY:
Description: Inbound policy violation (access denied, IP= port-nbname (137))
Protocol: UDP Incoming

I made this rule in Network monitor, but it not works:
Protocol: UDP In/Out
Source Range: 192:168.0.0-
Destination Range: 192:168.0.0-
Criteria: Where source port is 137 and destination port is 137
After I defined this rule I tried to connect with the other computer, but it was not possible… why?