The need of Windows File Protection (SFC)

Is there really any need for SFC? The only time it has ever warned me, was when I patched the UXTheme. Any malware or anything else that wants to change Windows files, it would be caught by CFP 3 Defense+ and/or antivirus.

I’m asking because I had to remove it when making an nLite-tweaked installation CD for Windows XP. To get rid of all those ■■■■■■ empty folders; Movie Makes, Windows Media Player, xerox etc. I had to disable SFC. Else, Windows would create those folders (and make them impossible to remove) despite that they would be empty (because I’ve removed tons of applications and functions from Windows). So the reason to remove SFC was, really, only to get a nice layout in my Program Files folder. (I may be a bit crazy :))


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Greetings LA!

There’s only one short answer to this, no. Windows File Protection isn’t needed if you have Comodo Firewall Pro 3. I’ve NEVER EVER had a single warning from it about that some file has been deleted. Then I’ve never had a virus that have succeeded to do what it should.
And yes LA, you’re a bit crazy :wink:


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Is it possible to edit/disable the SFC functions in Windows? I can’t find where it is. My Windows Help files and service are gone!


I’ve had SFC disabled for as long as I can remember and I’ve never known it to be a problem.

OK. It seems that I don’t have to regret that I disabled it, just to get rid of empty folders.



That makes 3 nuts in this thread (less the drunk). I was going to ask the same question because I also removed SFC from nLite. Your screenie with the programs made me first thought you must be aiming to trim your Windows with the best programs. That is, until I saw the dangerous RegSeeker. You must like living on the edge. You’re like the opposite of Ganda ;D.

Ah, you’ve removed SFC as well? That’s great. No one here seems to need it, at least not with other software that monitor the system.

Once in a while I need a real kick, then I fire up RegSeeker - make a scan and remove some entries - to see what happens. It makes you feel so alive! You should try it! (I have a vague memory that you don’t use it anymore due to its power) :smiley:


It’s like a powerful anti-virus with false positives :-. Willl be searching for alternative reg cleaners later on. I’ll continue that on the other existing threads.