The necessity of a real web filter


A new atak has ocurred in the world in the special in Brazil.

Benign sites are invaded and infected with malicious code to modify PCs DNS of routers.

The new DNS routers are malicious and redirect the navigation for phishing sites.

We have a real web filter in the next CIS version ?

A e-mail filter is necessary to.


I thought you already posted this here.

Melih, we need a web filter for malicious scripts

Is a new attack in the web

You know that I completely agree with you on this, Comodo should make the “useless” script scanner in CAV actually works in other browsers instead of just Internet Explorer, and make it actually STOP the loading of detected scripts, instead of just allowing them to run.

People criticize script scanning web filter, but people don’t realize that CIS currently has one script scanner module, but it does not work properly. CIS script scanner module

People complain that it would slow down internet connection, BUT CIS currently scans the scripts in the Internet Explorer browser in real-time. BUT it does not stop the loading of detected scripts, so this is scanning is useless and just slow down browsing speed on IE without blocking the loading of the detected scripts.

In my opinion, since they did the job to create this script scanning module in CIS V 5.9, they should at least make it work properly.

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