The most insecure browser

I dont know anyone who uses IE.
And i never used it a second myself.

No what?


Net Applications/Net Market Share and their obviously flawed method. :slight_smile: Does it surprise you that that is the method Microsoft prefers, a method that says that IE6’s share was 6,7% in February 2013? Where are those users? Not even in China is IE6 used that much.

Needless to say, I prefer StatCounter’s more honest method. :slight_smile:

Interesting. One user (you) makes a majority. :slight_smile:

Wikimedia is probably about the best, however, I really don’t pay much attention to any of them, they’re all flawed

Browser usage reports : Lies, ■■■■ lies, and statistics | Web …

Indeed. At Pwn2Own, Firefox, Chrome and IE were “pwned”. Firefox and Chrome were updated within hours. Has IE been updated yet? Has the Windows-kernel, which was also found vulnerable, been updated?

Another thing to consider is where/by whom the vulnerabilities are found. By the vendor, by the community or other researchers reporting to the vendor, or are they found by “bad guys” who exploit them?

A third thing to consider is if the vulnerabilities can actually be exploited. A vulnerability in Firefox may be exploitable on Windows XP, but not on Windows 7, due to the higher privileges Firefox runs with on XP. Similarly, a vulnerability in Chrome may not be exploitable on any system, due to the sandbox. On Chrome, a successful exploit needs at least two bugs/vulnerabilities.

What makes Firefox less secure, though, is that it lacks a sandbox (except for Flash Player, which is sandboxed). But that will change when they start using Servo.

Interesting how you come to that conclusion.

A statement like “IE still has the biggest share.” requires data that proves it (if there is any proof in statistics). The only “data” you provided was that you use IE. In other words: the source for your information is requested. :slight_smile:

Its more interesting how you come to your conclusions.

Internet is a fine place to discover “local view based” misconcepts.
(“Here in america we have to pay 50 dollars for a game. In russia its cheaper. Thats unfair.”)
“Here in america everyone who i know uses IE, its the most used browser.”

Let me share one of my favorites:
“How comes that at 12.30pm the most users are active on steam? Is it that people connect while lunch? But so many more than at evening?”
combined with
“Why does steam update when we want to play? Why dont they update when we are at work?”
“Somewhere on this planet its allways the wrong time.”
“But steam is an american company and americans use steam the most!”

And about defining security of browsers by the number of fixes:
A CLOSED source browser can allways be the “safest” one! “Hey, we just patched 5 holes in ten years!”
An OPEN source browser instead is patched when there are holes. If they patched 100 in ten years, its a proof of how nice open source works. Not how bad a browser is.

The world has many sides. The internet is forcing you to learn that.

Just look at any reputable site that reports such things and you will see that IE still has the largest share. It’s currently something like 55%. That’s according to NetMarketShare which I find very good. I have no doubts at all that IE6 is still being used by 6% because many businesses still require it and nothing else.

I did, as you can see in previous posts. :slight_smile:

When it is all boiled down, the most insecure Browser is generally between a desk and a chair. :smiley:


I’ve used Firefox for yrs, I hate Google Chrome and IE - I have never had any issues…

Very true.

Becuase it has been spottted before.

You are not returning JoWa by providing solid corroboration for your argument but cop out with an authority argument. The lack of reciprocation makes it a single sided event.

The following is another occasion which bears certain similarities:

You got a reply pointing exactly to what Iowa also points to:

Here you mix personal opinion with belief about the majority of users. The opinion of the presumed majority is being used as authority argument. Which is an aggressive act trying to block the open exchange of ideas and arguments/

As a matter of general observation about your behavior here at the forums. Although smart and thought through your contributions have undertones of harshness and coldness. You are very focussed on getting your opinions across as to defend your position.

The latter pattern of behaviour is what’s bugging. People don’t always agree with you but they are not there to attack you. However you are behaving like you being attacked. Part of criticism by regulars is in reaction to the aggressive defense and incapability to come to recognition and a meaningful exchange of different opinions.

I hope you can find some mercy upon yourself as a proclaimed Christian and participate in a more open fashion in the future. You have a fine set of brains to be able to contribute in discussions in a more supple and well informed manner.

That makes no sense. I never tried to block any exchange of ideas at all. I reject your analysis.

I think, its meant like:
When you are in the internet, its not usefull to look straight with own view.

For example, you can rightfully say, IE is the usual browser where you live.
And i can say rightfully, i dont know anyone who uses IE.

These two “truths” are not the all valid “truth” of the WORLD WIDE net, obviously.

To make a fundamental point in the internet, it is required to look on both sides of the coin. Or you will meet people who do it for you. And while you can rightfully say, but this side is white, there will be a long discussion about the other side. But the people dont want to say, the other side is the “black” side. And its not about which side is the best.
It will allways be the discovery, there are two sides. And sometimes things are grey.
This circles occupie man power, and do not lead to new things. :wink:

I meet those problems with translation/reception sometimes. But i try to learn from those moments :wink: