The Most Important Wish - So Everyone Read It!

This is a fact, as a Chromium source based browser Dragon lags behind in versions and the truth about this, is that it’s not good.

It’s a fact also at this moment in time where we stand, version 7 has security fixes that are important along with other bug fixes.

Since Comodo is a business about security and from a general standpoint, most of the time, latest updates fix security issues, but of course not always, some are general fixes, etc…

But the point is, with Comodo as a security related software business it makes no sense to lag behind so terribly over Chromium/Chrome.

Comodo stepping up to the plate and working on more relevant up to date versions is the most important thing Comodo can do right now and unless Comodo does this, I’m sorry the world-wide community of users isn’t going to put much faith or trust in this project and that’s another fact!

Let’s be real, let’s think here, and let’s think hard about this!

Security, a lot of people take it serious, so why would anyone ask someone to trust in using an outdated version of software when it has been shown to be less secure? Does this make any sense?, NO

Please make the smart choice here Comodo, I’m sure when I say all of this, I’m not just saying this for myself, I know I speak for the community at large, because as an IT Tech myself I know it is the absolute correct thing to do. It is the way the software world works, using the latest versions, especially when security fixes have been included in latest versions.

I said this is the most important wish anyone could ask for from this company because it is!


How many times are you going to say this dude? (You have said it at least 4 times) You sound like a broken record. More often than not, you’re not heard if you sound like this. Once was enough. You need not beat the dead horse.

We’re going to do what we need to do. Version 6 is what we have FOR now. (It’s not permanent) Version 7 is still the latest Chrome (Google’s version) in beta. 8 and 9 are are all dev channel (alpha class). Within the next few weeks version 8 will be beta channel.

As an IT tech, how many of your users are still using Server 2003, XP, 2000, Vista vs that of Windows 7 or a current Linux distro? I bet you a good deal. It’s not always best to be on the latest and greatest right now. There is a lot of QA that needs to be done. As an IT professional you MUST understand this.

Heh… I already predicted this with my crystal ball. :wink:

Comodo Dragon Alpha ver is now available for download


The point is how many users use what.
Let’s just use a (non scientific) statistic from our own forums:;viewResults=

Sorry don’t mean to be a dead horse here. The other post was more about the lack of attention for whatever reasons and that I also pointed out that possibly some of that blame could be due to the lag, but I didn’t make it, or I didn’t think I made it look like that was the only point.

So I made this as a wish, the other as an eye-opener to Comodo to polish the image a little better. Also to be more transparent, not just tell us about some cool new security feature but more information, rather then just some nice adverts…

Sure I know about not always needing the latest and greatest. The only way I’m seeing 7x now is it’s not that, but it offers security fixes over 6x…


we will make sure to continue to improve the speed between releases. but its more important to have a stable release than a quick one.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear, this has nothing to do with quick…

Updates should maintain stability and security. I would never suggest to put up updates for the sake of making any sacrifices on performance and stability.


Unfortunately, the problem we have here is that Chromium release versions too often :(.

Compairing Chromium 9 (unstable), Chrome 7 (stable) and Dragon 4 (stable) / 6 (beta) will always make Dragon look like they are behind in the game so maybe Dragon needs to change it’s version scheme. For example Dragon 1.6. where 1 is Dragon’s version, 6 is the Chromium build and the date… the date Dragon is released to us.

From Chromium 6 to 9, I can’t tell (visually within GUI) what is different between each release but it is the code (security wise) that worries me between Dragon 6 and Chromium 9.

Personally (right now), I would love to see Comodo just grab the Chromium 9 source code and just develop with that and go off on their own (regardless of future Chromium releases).