The most annoying popup ever (GEEKBUDDY)

First of all, the captcha images that you have when you create a new account are unreadable. It took me like 20 tries and I’m sure that the last time it was just luck.

How on earth do I disable the GeekBuddy popup window FOR GOOD?! I din’t install geek buddy, i don\t want to see it, why does it keep asking me to use geek buddy when I repeatedly check the box not to show this again. Every time when it detects something new “Do you want geek buddy to handle this?” NO I DON’T, I WILL NEVER WANT TO! STOP ASKING FFS!!!

Also, is there a place where I can find more skins?! The built-in skins are all bulky and unprofessional looking. Why not just use the default user skin of windows?!?

On a lighter note, thanks for not deleting data (or quarantining it) without asking like most of the antiviruses out there.

Hope it helps.

I swear I searched the forum before posting :embarassed: obviously I didn’t search well enough.
Thank you. I hope it will work.