The madness continues - IPv4 address trading...

And it will get a lot worse, simply because of the greed and laziness of large ISPs with vested interests.

:-\ and the BGP tables weren’t big enough already… bad development!

Indeed! what with that and the prospect of double NAT, the future is not overly rosy.

A nightmare to troubleshoot…

Interesting, but short article at Ars

For instance, Facebook and Google both represent a huge chunk of all Web traffic and have IPv6-capable servers, but don't have IPv6 addresses for and in the DNS, so they don't generate much, if any, IPv6 traffic.


Yeah like how many hit’s do they expect on a v6 number?
The author wrote a good book on IPv6 btw, I’m just half-way there but have other things on my mind…

Thanks for pointing out the book connection, it’s a book I have in my collection, too but I hadn’t joined the dots.